Our aluminum pool enclosure is durable and reliable.

However, you need to adopt the recommended care and maintenance procedure.

Otherwise, it will not last for long.

As a company, we believe our pool enclosures will serve your pool for more than 25 years.

Ideally, it is the main reason for choosing aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet.

It aims to extend the swimming season – even during winter.

Aluminum pool enclosure

Aluminum enclosures for outdoor swimming pools

So, how should you maintain aluminum pool enclosures?

Here are some tips on how to go about this process:

1. Cleaning Aluminum Pool Enclosure Regularly

Cleaning pool enclosures are one of the most important care and maintenance procedures.

As a matter of fact, you need to adopt a process that will not damage the aluminum pool enclosures.

At all cost, you should avoid any process that will leave the surface of pool enclosures with unnecessary scratches.

That is, both aluminum and polycarbonate sheet should remain scratch free.

Aluminum pool enclosure

A clean aluminum pool enclosure

A dirty swimming pool enclosure is disgusting and may result in a number of health issues.

Remember, outdoor swimming pool enclosures may have dust or molds.

Before you begin the process, you need to identify the kinds of stains you want to remove.

That is, whether it’s dust or oily substances.

In short, what should you do?

You can adopt the following simple procedure:

  1. Power wash the entire swimming pool enclosure. You can use a combination of lukewarm and pressurized water. This should remove all the stains – dust, mold and oily substances.
  2. In case of tough stains, use a soft sponge or soft cloth to scrub the surface of both aluminum rods and polycarbonate sheet.
  3. At times, you may use a bleaching agent. However, you need to be cautious here. That is, use the right proportion – one quart of chlorine with 3 quarts of warm water. Don’t use any chemical that reacts with either aluminum or polycarbonate sheet.

Generally, this shouldn’t be a difficult process as most people perceive it.

Again, you should remember that cleaning aluminum pool enclosures will preserve it.

In fact, it will look like a new enclosure.

standard swimming pool enclosure

2. Inspecting Pool Enclosure – All Parts of Enclosure

You to inspection various parts of the swimming pool enclosure.

An aluminum pool enclosure is constructed by joining various sections together.

This is actually evident in the technical drawing below:

A technical drwaing of an aluminum pool enclosure

A technical drawing of an aluminum pool enclosure

By conducting regular inspections, your pool enclosure will always remain to be in good shape and condition.

That means, you don’t have to incur expensive repair costs since a problem can be identified early enough.

I know this is one of those processes quite a number of people do forget.

It is this simple – we design all pool enclosures to last for years.

However, regular inspection and repair is compulsory.

Excelite Telescopic Pool Enclosure

That is, inspect how various telescopic pool covers slide over each other, track and joints.

They should be stable and strong.

3. Controlling Swimming Pool Enclosure Use

Installing a quality aluminum pool enclosure will ensure you have full control of this facility.

That is, you can lock the pool enclosure to prevent unauthorized access.

Aluminum pool enclosure door lock

Aluminum pool enclosure with a door lock

Remember, this will act as a swimming pool enclosure safety measure.

That is, you will only allow people who are responsible to use the swimming pool.

Having full control of the pool is also an important care and maintenance procedure.

It will make every pool user be accountable for all his/her actions.

In case of any damage to the enclosure, they should be held responsible.

Alternatively, you will find other pool owners adding extra security measures.

They will have a pool fence too, alongside the swimming pool enclosure.

Of course, the pool fence installation must also adhere to the set standards and regulations.

4. Follow the Recommended Operational Standards and Procedures

This actually the main reason why all our aluminum pool enclosures come with a complete guide/manual.

It is quite common to find people adopted unscrupulous means of operating and installing swimming pool enclosures.

Aluminum pool enclosure installation process

A worker installing swimming pool enclosure

It is quite dangerous and obvious, one of the main reasons why some pool enclosure warranties are considered invalid.

When installing or operating a swimming pool enclosure, direction is an important aspect.

That is, how should you open the door or slide the covers?

If you don’t follow these simple instructions, there is a higher chance of breaking the pool enclosure.

It is also an important aspect that most people ignore, thou very vital.

5. Assess the Functionality and Performance of Every Part

Does every section of the pool enclosure operates as desired?

Has the solid polycarbonate sheet, cover lost its essential properties?

Does the cover slide seamlessly on the rail track system?

Excelite Pool enclosure from Poland client

Well, these are some of the few questions you need to ask yourself.

It is important that you monitor the performance and functionality of the pool enclosure.

This is the only way you will spot simple problems in good time.

This should not be a one-time process.

It should be continuous throughout the entire life span of the pool enclosure.

If you can’t do it yourself, then employ someone to do it for.

In fact, it is an important procedure for commercial swimming pool enclosures.

6. No one Should Climb on The Enclosure

For people who own commercial swimming pool enclosures, this is one problem they have to deal with in most cases.

That is, kids will always climb or hung on the pool enclosures as they slid it back and forth.

Telescopic swimming pool enclosure

Kids playing in a swimming pool with an aluminum enclosure

Well, this is unacceptable.

This is actually the main reason why we insist on locking pool enclosure at times whenever you are not around.

When they involve in such actions, there is a possibility that the joints and the entire structure of the enclosure will be subjected to unnecessary weight.

Moreover, we consider this as mishandling the pool enclosure.

Remember, they will be risking their lives too.

What about if one falls from the pool enclosure into the swimming pool water?

That could be a tragedy.

swimming accident

A swimming pool enclosure accident can be so devastating

This is all about following the swimming pool safety standards, and protecting the aluminum pool enclosure.

As a result, this will reduce the service lifespan of the pool enclosure or cause injuries.

The bottom line is, no one should be allowed to climb on the pool enclosure for any reason.

7. You Can Employ Qualified Persons to Manage Your Commercial Swimming Pool

At times, you will not be around most of the time.

Still, this does not imply that people should refrain from using the swimming pool completely.

What about if this pool is your main source of income?

Ultimate Reasons to Remodel Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures

A pool party

You have no option but, to get someone who can be in charge.

In such circumstance, you need to employ a qualified individual who understands all the operational cost of swimming pool enclosure.

He/she should be an individual has vast experience and really understands the need for taking good care of pool enclosure.

8. Educate People About the Importance of an Enclosure

This is an important process.

Surprisingly, it is one of those aspects a lot of people ignore.

Let all swimming pool users understand the importance of having an aluminum enclosure.

Swimming pool enclosure

A kid enjoying swimming lessons

Let them understand the safety concerns you are trying to solve and the fact that they will have an extended swimming season.

Teach them how to maintain and operate a swimming pool enclosure.

Without this knowledge, then all your efforts will be fruitless.

Remember, you don’t solve a problem by having draconian swimming pool rules and regulations, but by letting people appreciate the need of having a swimming pool cover.

9. Ensure The Door Lock Should be Functioning

As a safety measure, your swimming pool enclosure door lock should be functioning.

It is a reliable way to have full control of who is accessing the swimming pool area.

Thus, you can avoid unnecessary misuse of the pool enclosure.

in ground pool enclosures locking mechanism

Swimming poo enclosure door locking system

As you can see from the image above, the door lock should be centrally located.

Moreover, it should be strong that no one should be able to break into the pool without your permission.

10. Reinforce Swimming Pool Whenever Necessary

With time, there are sections of the swimming pool enclosure that may become weak.

This is common when the pool enclosure is subjected to extreme weight or windy conditions.

snow swimming pool

Aluminum pool enclosure keeps water free from snow

The truth of the matter is, you will only know that certain sections require reinforcement by conducting regular inspections.

You need to check all joints and sliding cover.

There should be no spaces between the covers that can allow dust into the inner section of the pool enclosure.

retractable swimming pool enclosures model C

As you reinforce the pool enclosure, use the same materials as those from Excelite Plastics Ltd.

This is to avoid any incompatibility issues.

You can contact our team and we will advise you accordingly.


As you might have realized, these are common procedures that we all know.

Interestingly, we do ignore them, hoping that everything will be okay.

This should not be the case.

You must maintain your pool enclosure if you want it to serve you for a long period of time.