Do you have a residential swimming pool enclosure?

Are you planning to improve or remodel it?

Well, don’t start the process before reading this article.

This is because I want to highlight 10 mistakes that are costly to every home owner.

Every swimming pool enclosure project involves a series of steps you need to follow.

In contrary, very few people pay attention to these.

This is why I am not surprised to see swimming pool enclosures collapsing a few days after construction.

Residential Pool Enclosure

                                                                                    A swimming pool has collapsed

Quite a number of people only believe that hiring a reputable contractor is enough.

No, there are a lot of things you need to consider to make the entire project successful.

So what am I talking about?

Here are 10 mistakes that will cost you a lot of money:

1. Not getting a Building Permit

Many people argue that a in building a residential pool enclosure, you don’t need a building permit.

This is because they assume it is a private property.

That is a wrong assumption.

In fact, your local authorities will arrest you for this.

residential pool enclosure

                                                                                          An approved building permit

My advice to you is this: don’t make such a mistake.

Whether it is a private or a public property, you must have a building permit.

Before any construction process begins on your property, ensure you get a building permit.

You don’t have any shortcut or excuse for this.

Remember, these permits may vary depending on the local requirements.

2. Opting for Substandard Material

I wonder why you need to budget for such kinds of material.

Why don’t you focus on long-term goals?

A residential swimming pool enclosure constructed from quality materials will last for more than 25 years.

The good news is, Excelite Plastics have also reduced its pool enclosure prices by more than 30%.

Isn’t this a golden opportunity for you to install a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure?

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Buying cheaper material is not saving.

This is because you will incur high cost of operation.

I know of only 4 possible ways of saving:

  • Buy quality materials that can last for more than 25 years.
  • Request for a pool enclosure warranty.
  • Buy when demand is low and supply is high
  • Be keen to take advantage of discounts and offers

Other mechanisms will not yield any result. I am sure you know that. Maybe you just want to experiment – please don’t.

3. Failing to Hire The Right Pool Contractor

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

In case you have a background in residential swimming pool construction them you can go ahead and install it.

Otherwise, you need to hire a contractor with technical expertise on the residential pool enclosure installation.

I insist on this because they will:

  1. Help you get the right permit.
  2. Manage the construction process successfully
  3. Possess the necessary licenses and insurance
  4. Be responsible if issues occur
residential pool enclosure

Construction in progress

You should do thorough research before you hire any individual or company.

4. Taking Wrong Measurements When Placing an Order

Let me put this clear – residential pool enclosure measurements are based on facts.

That is, the exact measurement of the pool enclosure.

So, before placing an order, it is important to know the exact measurements of the swimming pool.

Even if your swimming pool has an irregular shape.

Try to determine the length and width of the pool.

That is, the longest and the shortest side.

Learn how to specify swimming pool enclosures (technical specifications).

residential swimming pool enclosure

Taking correct measurements for swimming pool enclosure size

Failure to take accurate measurements will be the beginning of your problems.

You may hire somebody with technical knowledge to help you in the process.

Remember, you will be dealing with costly materials.

Thus, we don’t want a situation where you will begin to modify these structures.

5. Ignoring The Importance of Feasibility Studies

There is where you need to ask yourself whether the project is worth it. Most people begin the process simply because:

  • Their neighbors are improving residential pool enclosures
  • There is a new technology in the market.

It is for this reason that I insist on proper planning and budgeting.

Without the two, you have already failed.

Most people struggle to keep up with the trend.

A situations that do not make economic sense at all.

What if you improve a swimming pool enclosure today only to be transferred the following month?

It is this simple, have your priorities right first and you need to focus on the most important things first.

6. Cost Saving Not Being a Priority

In case you don’t know, Excelite polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures are 100% maintenance free.

This is what some people don’t know.

They end installing other residential pool enclosure that double operational costs.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

When you don’t give cost saving a key priority the swimming pool enclosure will only be expensive to operate.

Polycarbonate sheet has better insulation property, thus, you will a save reasonable amount of money.

7. Failing to Observe The Recommended Safety Procedures

Swimming pool safety is an important requirement in the modern construction process.

Remember, in some countries, the authorities cannot allow you to own a swimming pool without an enclosure.

So, follow the swimming pool safety procedures.

residential pool enclosure

                         A residential pool enclosure will prevent kids from accessing pool area. This is quite dangerous.

Your swimming pool safety and privacy must be a key priority.

This is why our residential pool enclosure come with a lockable door.

This will help you to have full control of people who use the swimming pool.

8. Ignoring Landscaping and External Environment of The Enclosure

Do you have an idea landscaping is a vital aspect here?

As you improve your residential swimming pool enclosure, your external environment should be key priory.

Let the pool enclosure be in “harmony” with the surrounding environment.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures


At any given point, any roofing design of an enclosure should have at least some relationship with the surrounding environment.

I know it is always a challenging process but, you should try your best.

9. Not Following The Budget

I have reiterated on this several times in this article.

You have no option, but to follow your budget.

Make adjustments when it is worth it.

Moreover, these adjustments must not interfere with the projects at hand.

10. Living in The World of Illusion

Please be in the world of reality and go for what you can afford.

You are not improving a residential swimming pool enclosure to make others happy.

It is for your own good.

If you go for what you can afford and I am quite certain, you will enjoy life.




So, please, avoid these simple mistakes and all will be fine.

Improving swimming pool enclosure is a simple process.

It’s only homeowners who make it seem like a rocket science.

For queries or any help, contact us today.