Are you a pool owner deciding to use a swimming pool enclosure for you pool?

Well, if you are making up your mind, then you are in the right place. Pool roof enclosures are great since they enable you to enjoy swimming even in a chilly weather.

want to swim in winter


Imagine a situation where by its freezing outside and you want to relax in your swimming pool. Is it possible?

Will you not freeze in the cold water? A retractable swimming pool cover can make it possible for you to enjoy using your pool even in when it is freezing outside.


polycarbonate solid sheet swimming pool enclosure


They not only protect the pool from rain, UV rays, wind and snow but also enhance the air temperature inside the enclosure. With a retractable pool enclosure, you will be able to enjoy an extended pool season all year round.

extended pool season all year round


Having a retractable pool cover built in your pool will increase the benefit by ensuring that the sun shines into the pool area.

After all, I am sure almost everyone enjoys a sunny day as it presents the best chance for you to go for a swim. However, many people are unaware of the benefits presented by installing a retractable pool roof enclosures.


swimming pool cover


Before we get to the reasons why you should consider having a retractable swimming pool cover built on your pool, it is important to describe what they are.

These are similar to a sunroom on wheels. This means that they provide an indoor setting but from an outdoor view. However, they can also provide you with the best from both worlds since they can be opened up to the outdoors.



A retractable pool enclosure is one of the most popular type of pool enclosures that are now available and best-selling in the market. Just as the name suggests, retractable enclosures are made of a retractable system to cover your pool.

Because of this system, you can open and close your retractable pool cover as you please. It is usually built with an aluminium frame and polycarbonate sheets or panels made from glass.


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The roof is usually not glass but a stronger material which you can still see through. It is not glass because of the risk of things falling onto it and endangering people below. So it is very safe.

The design of these enclosures makes the suitable for any rectangular or square pool and they can be built over a good sized swimming pool.

Retractable pool enclosures can be used by resorts, hotel and home owners to cover their swimming pools and the good thing about it is that it is not expensive. Everybody can afford it.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a retractable pool enclosure to be installed in your pool.


One of the most important reasons why you should install a retractable pool fence is for safety purposes. Most accidents occur where babies and toddlers drown due to large areas of water not being covered properly or the area not being closed.

By installing a retractable swimming pool cover, your children and pets will be safe from water. The risk of kids accidentally drowning into the deep pool water while you are away will therefore be greatly reduced.

baby swimming in a swimming pool

If safety is your big concern as a pool owner, then I highly recommend that you install this type of pool cover because it will provide you with  all the safety and security you need when there is no adult supervision.

You will also not have to worry that unsuspecting will wonder into the area and fall into your pool. The containment is an effective deterrent against unforeseen accidents.

An alarm system can also be installed to enhance the safety of a retractable swimming pool enclosure. You can open it when you are around and close it when need arises.

swiming pool enclosure made of solid sheet


2.Protection from the harmful UV rays

As a pool owner, having a retractable pool cover installed in your pool will provide you with better sunlight access because it is retractable. You can also adjust the amount of sunlight entering your pool.

Due to this pool cover, you can enjoy swimming better without worrying of too much exposure to sunlight. There is provision of the suns warmth without risking the effects of harmful UV rays.

swimming pool enclosure


3.It enhances beauty and increases the property value

Installing a retractable pool cover will improve the aesthetic value of your resort, hotel or even your home. It turns your poolside into a beautiful place to relax in.

The enclosed area becomes like an extension of a living area. You can use it to hold family parties, get-together activities with your friends and also use it as an additional space for kids to play under an adult supervision.

And if one day you decide to sell your property, it will also increase its value so you are more likely to get good money and smile all the way to the bank. Also with this pool cover installed, I am assuring you of quick resale compared to homes without the enclosure.


relax when swim

4.Increased income to hotel owners

A retractable swimming pool enclosure will provide an all year round facility which will attracting more customers to your hotel or resort. This is because the enclosed area acts as an ideal place to relax in throughout the year.

You can be assured that you customers can relax feeling secured and clean all day long.  This makes your pool to be an asset rather than a liability as it will help in generating more revenue.

For outdoor pools, retractable enclosures offer extended living space when connected to a home with a walkway for example. They can also be attached to your home making the walk to the pool very comfortable.


swimming pool enclosure

5.Easy to operate

Retractable pool enclosures would not be very good if they were difficult to operate. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of time and energy in extending and retracting the swimming pool roof whenever need arises .

It can be very difficult to put and remove pool covers manually. Automatic retractable pool covers are therefore used to make the enclosure easy to use.

This comes with a button that is pushed when you want the roof to move in or out. So a simple click on a button will open and close your pool cover at your will. Motor and remote operation can also b used to operate these pool covers.

swimming pool enclosures


6.Protection from bad weather

Another good reason why you should consider this type of pool cover is that on beautiful sunny days you can have it open and enjoy the summer breezes and sunshine because the roof is retractable.

It is very easy to close if the bad weather should come suddenly you can just close it up and you are safe and warm inside. It is also beneficial in places where the weather conditions can be very extreme.


swimming pool covers


Imagine you were swimming and it suddenly starts raining. The retractable pool roof will allow you to swim even when it is raining or snowing outside.

It therefore prevents drizzles from spoiling your fun while swimming in the pool.  You can also sit in the water and watch as the snow falls on the swimming pool roof.

The structure will also serve as a wind filter and reduces wind speed so wind will not get in the way while you swim on windy days. This is only possible when you install this pool cover.

7.Keeping heating costs low

If you are a pool owner, this is one of the major benefit that you will have by installing a retractable pool cover in your pool. Retractable swimming pool covers have the ability to trap heat from the solar energy and retain it which makes it possible for you to swim much more throughout the year.

This allows your pool to warm faster and even stay warm for a long time, even beyond the warmest months. Having one built in your pool will therefore save you the cost of heating the pool water by almost 50%.

This would have been impossible without an enclosure. As a pool owner you are able to enjoy your outdoor pool for a long time.


swimming pool enclosure installation

8.Keeps the pool clean

Do you experience problems because of hefty fees you have to settle for water chemicals to keep your water clean? Do you spend much time fishing for leaves out of your pool?

Well, installing a retractable pool cover will help you in dealing with these problems. This is a huge practical advantage of having one built in your yard.

There will be no dirt entering your pool water because the roof stop the wind from blowing leaves and debris into pool. Also, it will keep the bugs and insects such as mosquitoes and wasps from your pool.

The amount of time and money you have to spend on cleaning the swimming pool is therefore greatly reduced. This will also help to decrease the chemical and maintenance cost associated with owning a swimming pool.

swimming pool cover in winter


9.It is easy to maintain

It is important to note that the retractable roof enclosure also needs some maintenance occasionally. However, this is simple as it requires just mild soap, water and a soft cloth to clean the glass panes and aluminium frame.


Alternatively, you can use a high-pressure washer to clean it. The materials used to make these retractable roofs are very strong and not affected by moisture.

The maintenance cost is therefore very low so you can be rest assured that your investment is long term.

aluminium frame

10.It give your pool users more privacy

Are you one of the many pool owners that are worried about privacy while using your pool in the comfort of your yard? Well, worry no more.

Installing a retractable pool cover give you all the privacy that you need. The materials used to build it acts as a divider that will deter strangers from looking into the backyard of your pool.

You can enjoy swimming and water sport activities with your family and friends and you will be assured of the privacy you need all day long and all year round.

And if you are a resort or hotel owner its will help in attract more customers who will enjoy their privacy as the swim in your pool hence more income in your business.

aluminium profile


11.It stabilizes the temperature within the pool

With the retractable roof installed in your pool, the temperature within your pool will be stabilized.

Imagine a situation whereby your pool water is warmed and u want to enjoy swimming in it but the temperature outside the pool is very low.

Your pool water will get cooler at a very faster rate. The retractable cover will ensure that the temperature within the enclosed pool area is warm. This will keep the pool warmer during the winter season and also keep the pool cooler during summer.


temperature of swimming pool


12.Reduced water evaporation problems

Water evaporation is one of the major problems facing pool owners. In dry and/hot windy days, the evaporation rate of the pool increases.

Installing a retractable transparent pool cover is therefore beneficial because you will close it to prevent evaporation during daylight hours.

During warm humid days the evaporation rate decreases so you can leave the cover open during day time. The amount of make-up water is therefore reduced for up to 30%-50%.


evaporation of swimming pool


13.It is easily available in the market and easy to install

There are many places where you can purchase a retractable pool cover. Excelite Plastics Limited is one of the best suppliers of this type of pool enclosure. It takes only a day to install, after which you will enjoy using your pool in many years to come.

 swimming pool made of polycarbonate


With the reasons stated above, it is very clear that a retractable pool enclosure is the best. It is very cost effective and you can reap maximum benefits from owning one, which will be customized to fit perfectly in your yard.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of great deals being offered to you by Excelite Plastic Limited. We offer affordable and easy to assemble retractable enclosure kits which can be custom designed to match the architecture of your house.

You will enjoy swimming in an enclosed beautiful pool all year round. With a retractable pool enclosure, you will enjoy the summer breezes and sunshine when you open the cover and you will also enjoy swimming in the cold bluster of winter when you retract your enclosure.