Prismatic Polycarbonate Diffuser sheet


A prismatic polycarbonate diffuser sheet can be an impact modified or general purpose polycarbonate sheet with textures imprinted on one side of the sheet. During the forming process, one side of the polycarbonate sheet is imprinted with a pattern which resembles a prism. Normally, this texturing technique does not have measurable effects on mechanical, thermal and optical properties of the polycarbonate sheets.


This technique is carried out to improve the haze or diffusion properties of the polycarbonate sheet. Another key benefit of prismatic polycarbonate sheets is the aesthetic appeal.  For these reasons, they have become popular glazing sheets which are used in quite a number of day lit stores. These sheets have an excellent light transmission property thus, they’re mostly used for fluorescent light diffusion. They can eliminate glare and obscure fluorescence. Apparently, there has been an increase in the number of prismatic lighting panels.

The three important ecofriendly features of prismatic polycarbonate diffuser panels include:


1.Forming process

the process involved; which is mainly the extrusion process is ecofriendly and it has very minimal effects on the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the process of incorporating the textured layer on the prismatic polycarbonate diffuser panels requires low energy consumption. The manufacturing process involves the use of high quality polycarbonate products (virgin raw materials) which do not harm or degrade the final panel. The thermoforming technique neither degrades nor alters the basic properties of the polycarbonate panel.

2.Pretreating the prismatic polycarbonates

the main chemical component of the prismatic polycarbonate diffuser panels which is commonly being disposed is the bisphenol A (BPA). Since polycarbonate products are recalcitrant, they are a perfect choice in almost all fields. Research has indicated that pretreating BPA is a sure way to reduce its environmental impacts and any adverse health effects.  The pretreatment process mainly focuses on avoiding the release of BPA to the environment. This is one of those technologies which are currently being explored by most polycarbonate manufacturing processes.

One of the most ecofriendly technology which is being explored is the ability to make fungi use the BPA as source of energy as they grow. That is, fungi can grow on the used polycarbonate products. The treatment involves the use of ultraviolet light treatment and heat. This is also a clear indication that as polycarbonates are treated to make them UV resistant; this treatment can also facilitate decomposing process.

3.Re-using the products

one of the best way to have a sustainable environment is by adopting better waste management mechanisms. The prismatic polycarbonate diffuser panel can be recycled after use to make other polycarbonate products. This process involves the use of anti-toxic substances. Furthermore, in case there’s fire outbreak; the prismatic polycarbonate are known to be self-extinguishing. This implies that they cannot facilitate burning. As they burn, they do not produce poisonous gases which may pollute the environment.


Prismatic Polycarbonate Diffuser Panel


The prismatic polycarbonate panels are available in a wide range of designs and patterns. You can also opt for customized products though it is highly recommended for bulk orders since it will be cost effective.