The automatic retractable pool covers are popular due to their energy saving, safety, low maintenance costs and convenience. It is for these reasons that every swimming pool enthusiast is always rushing to acquire this vital equipment.

A number of consumers simply rush to get quotes from their swimming pool cover suppliers without answering the key questions about these covers.

So, before you think of buying this a retractable pool cover, here is what you must consider:

Do I need the automatic pool cover?


You need to establish the main reasons as to why they are a necessity. In most cases, people will always rush for the aesthetic value of the pool cover. This is not right.

aesthetic value of swimming pool

1.The safety of both the pool and users should be a priority.

It is for this reason that these pools are manufactured using aluminum rods and multi wall polycarbonate sheets.


aluminum for swimming pool cover



They are strong enough to withstand any impact force. As a result, intruding the pool is nearly impossible. To enhance security, alarms can be installed.

Other pools also have micro-controllers. They can alert the pool owner in case someone wants to enter the swimming pool without permission. The remote systems have become common.

swimming pool enclosure installation


2.Cost saving.

The modern automatic retractable pool covers are designed specifically to save costs. They are constructed using quality multi-wall polycarbonate sheets to save on the heating costs.

They can retain heat for a long period of time. The covers are designed to reduce evaporation and protecting the pool from contamination.

Moreover, cleaning the aluminum rods and the polycarbonate sheet is easier compared to other glazing panels. All these results in significant cost saving.

Cost-Saving-Strategies of swimming pool


After you have considered all these factors, then you can go into other aspects such as the aesthetic value of the pool.  Remember, it will make the property worthwhile.


Are the covers suitable for all swimming pools?

Yes, they can be installed around any type of swimming pool. A number of people think that the automatic retractable pool covers are available in definite shapes only.

That is, rectangle or square. The cover can be installed on every pool. The shape doesn’t matter. Aluminum is strong and can be manipulated into different shapes. The polycarbonate sheet can be fabricated to take any shape.

any shape of Automatic Retractable Pool Covers

Normally, the tracks for the cover should be parallel on either side of the pool. An experienced company will design an automatic cover, which will enclose the pool as desired. You need to specify the design of the pool when you’re requesting for a quote.


How much will it cost?

Polycarbonate is an expensive sheet, however, it comes with a lot of cost savings. There are several companies supplying the pool cover materials, but, on average, they sell the products expensively.

There are key things you need to note. The total cost depends on the pool size and the type of design you desire.

Complicated designs will be more expensive than a simple rectangular pool cover. On average, a good automatic pool cover can cost between $5000 and $15000,and if you are our partner, you will get much better wholesaler price from $2999 to $10000 for each cover.

price of swimming pool enclosures


The manufacturer should be able to evaluate all that you desire to arrive at the best price possible. Feel free to contact the dealer. He/she should help you to choose that design, which will be appealing, strong and saves you from spending a lot of money.

With these three aspects in mind, you need to figure out where you can get this essential equipment. Excelite Plastics Ltd. is one of the main suppliers of the automatic retractable pool cover materials.

We supply the fully assembled sheets, aluminum rods and other accessories such as the electric drives. In addition to these, you’ll get free quotes and after sales services.

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