I know you don’t wish your swimming season to be disrupted due to bad weather.

Whether it is due to changing seasons or natural calamities.

The good news is, there are 4 creative ways to get over this situation:

Install Quality Retractable Pool Enclosures

By installing retractable pool enclosures, you will not limit your swimming season to summers.

This is because this enclosure will act as a barrier between the environment within the pool and the external environment.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

You need an enclosure manufactured from quality materials – polycarbonate and aluminum steel.

The two materials are strong enough to protect the swimming pool from snow, falling tree branches or strong wind.

retractable swimming pool enclosure

Quality polycarbonate as glazing material and aluminum rods as frame structure

Polycarbonate sheet is a good insulator, thus, heat within the swimming pool won’t be lost.

This will keep the swimming pool warm, thus, reducing use of heaters.

As a result, it will result in significant cost saving.

By the way, this is how a pool enclosures reduces operational costs.

Moreover, you will reduce swimming pool maintenance time and cost.

For instance, you don’t have to skim the water surface to remove pollen, leaves, bugs or leaves.

The retractable pool enclosure will prevent all these from being blown on the pool surface.

Maintain a Balanced Swimming Pool PH

When swimming pool water is too basic or acidic, swimmers will be very uncomfortable.

In fact, water may become irritating.

This may result in skin infections.

pool chemical cost

Maintaining swimming pool chemicals to balance the PH

To have a conducive environment for all swimmers, all chemicals should be balanced.

Normally, there should be a routine checkup.

However, due to natural phenomenon, the cost of chemical may be too expensive, especially if you have to treat swimming pool water frequently.

The imbalance is due to acid rain, for people who live near factories. Again, UV radiation decomposes these chemicals resulting to PH imbalance.

As a result, swimming pool owners have no option but, to install retractable swimming pool enclosures.

This will filter UV radiation and prevent chemicals in the surrounding environment from mixing with swimming pool water.

Install Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures with LED Lights

A retractable swimming pool enclosure will protect you from cold and animals.

Well, this is not enough if you want to enjoy swimming at night.

There are quite a number of swimming pool enclosure lighting ideas to consider.

A swimming pool enclosure with fe lights appear dim and dull

LED lights make swimming at night safe and interesting

You need to install LED lights on your swimming pool.

They make the swimming pool visible as well as being used for decorative purposes.

Choosing lights properly will guarantee a back yard ambiance that suits your unique theme.

It is a sure way to tantalize your touch, senses and touch.

You can spend several hours in your swimming pool at night without noticing its past midnight.

Of course, these lights can be installed in the swimming pool.

However, incorporating them in the swimming pool enclosure is quite amazing.

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure Guarantees Security And Safety

You can enjoy swimming outdoors, but in an indoor environment.

This can only be possible when you install a retractable swimming pool enclosure.

Security and safety are crucial aspects at night when we have wild animals or dangerous insects flying and crawling in your compound.

This is common, especially when you live near game reserves, forests or bushy environment.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

After you have closed your retractable swimming pool enclosure, no animal or insects will access it.

You can confidently enjoy swimming throughout the night.

Furthermore, you will be able to control people who will be accessing the swimming pool.

This will reduce the number of accidents thus, no compensations or court cases related to any misfortune.

It is a key benefit of swimming enclosures.


Installing swimming pool enclosure involves a lot of creativity.

You need to go for a retractable pool enclosure that will create a perfect micro-climate within the swimming pool.

This will not only give you a peace of mind, but also, save you from unnecessary expenses.