There are a number of construction pitfalls you need to avoid at all cost.

They will affect the reliability and overall use of the pool.

In fact, any swimming pool enclosure with such mistakes is as good as not having installed it in the first place.


Let’s face the reality.

Everyone desires to have a unique, reliable, easy to use, good quality and modern swimming pool enclosure.

Of course, this will cost you some reasonable amount of money – may be over $35,000.

This will depend on the specific features that should be incorporated in your swimming pool.

To get exactly what you are paying for, you need to avoid these 5 construction mistakes:

avoid these 5 construction mistakes
Hiring Unqualified Contractors

Don’t expect much from such individuals, but, a shoddy job that violates all swimming pool enclosure construction codes.

There are three possibilities here:

1. No safety measures
2. An expensive process since they lack the knowledge to do accurate quotation and choosing recommended materials/equipment.
3. Warranty becomes null and void.
4. Possibility of being prosecuted by local authorities.

qualified swimming pool contractor

Only hire certified individuals with authentic qualifications.

The contractor must have a valid practicing license.

Remember, you will only be allowed to obtain a swimming pool enclosure construction permit when you have hired a qualified individual.

Avoid Inconsistent Designs

Why do you need a swimming pool enclosure?

It could be for:

1. Safety of the swimming pool and other users.
2. Cost saving – extra expenses when it comes to cleaning, use of chemicals or controlling temperature using HVAC systems.
3. Aesthetics

Whatever the reason, you need to choose, consistent designs. Don’t go for a design simply because it is trending without an understanding of its viability.

swimming pool cover

The swimming pool should have all the recommended reinforcement structures that can withstand heavy snow loads and strong winds.

It must be stable and sturdy.

Go for a design that has been tested and verified to offer optimal performance.

This does not imply you shouldn’t come up with a unique design.

You can, but ensure it is tested to ensure it is reliable and trusted.

Failure to Budget & Plan

Plan and budget for everything you intend to include in your project.

This should not only include the actual material you will need for the process, but also other related costs such as labor or taxes.

For this reason, you need to work closely with a qualified swimming pool construction team.

They will help you to conduct the required feasibility studies.

In most cases, mismanaging budgets is blamed for non-completed pool enclosures.

pool enclosure cost and plan

A good example is, when you decide to opt for an automated retractable pool cover, yet the initial plan was for a manually operated.

Avoid Cheap Materials

Affordable is different from cheap and this is one fact you should understand.

Purchasing cheap polycarbonate sheets and aluminum rods may save money only for a short period of time.

Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheets


Go for quality swimming pool construction materials that will serve you for a long period of time.

Well, the initial installation cost may be high, but remember, it will be cheap in the long-run.

An authentic polycarbonate sheet comes with over 10 year warranty.

This is actually the same scenario for aluminum rods.

Avoid Short-term Thinking

This will only limit both your options and lifestyle.

Remember, human beings demands are so dynamic.

Give the entire project a broader perspective.

Therefore, it is advisable to save enough money for it.

Don’t go for a smaller one that costs $4,000 but, in reality you desire to have a large enclosure that costs $8,000.


Well, making decision is always the most challenging task for most people.

However, when you learn to avoid the above pool enclosure construction mistakes; you will definitely get one that meets all your requirements.