Quoting prices per square foot is commonly used in the swimming pool enclosure industry. The good thing about this, you can easily tell how much an enclosure by knowing the approximate size of your swimming pool enclosure.

Excelite Pool enclosure from Poland client


Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common swimming pool enclosure cost per foot:


Description of swimming pool partPrice per square foot in U.S. Dollar
Screen pool enclosure15 to 25
Aluminum pool enclosure15 to 25
Glass swimming pool enclosures40 to 60
Gazebo-style/ retractable swimming pool enclosure50 to 200


Excelite pool enclosure cost

These prices are not constant, but, are subject to a number of factors such as:


Design of the swimming pool enclosure


Swimming pool enclosure costs depends on the overall design. There are designs that require less materials while others may require more. Therefore, whenever you are thinking of any swimming enclosure design idea, try to find out how much it will cost in terms of material required. Obviously, a more complex design will definitely require more materials. Expect to pay more for such swimming pool enclosures.


any shape of Automatic Retractable Pool Covers

The shape of a swimming pool enclosure will be determined by the swimming pool design


Quality of material for the swimming pool enclosure


Quality materials implies higher initial investment cost. For instance, the price range above (say $15 to $25) depends on the quality of the materials. However, investing on quality materials will imply long-term cost benefits. That is, such swimming pool enclosures will last for over 25 years.


Material affect the swimming pool enclosure price

Materials used for swimming pool enclosure construction


Size of a swimming pool enclosure


This very straight forward – a large swimming pool enclosure will require more materials. So, the total cost will also be high. That is;


Outer size of a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure Average price in U.S Dollar
3.9 by 6.6 by 1.12,500
6.18 by 13.07 by 1.777,000
6.5 by 10.5 by 0.59,999



This is a clear evidence on how the size of a swimming pool increases with the unit price. Of course, you can always discuss these with a manufacturing company choice, they will help you to reduce unnecessary expenses.


Pool extras or additional swimming pool accessories


They play an integral role based on the fact that, they will determine the ultimate size of the swimming pool enclosure. You may wish to include other aspects such as plants, diving boards or bed. All these accessories will require more space. As earlier discussed, in case you need a large swimming pool enclosure be prepared to pay more for it.

swimming Pool enclosure in the night


Additional functionality of the swimming pool enclosure


The swimming pool enclosure cost per square foot will also increase depending on the functionality of swimming pool cover. That is, you may require additional features on your swimming pool. That may include special graphics, tint or shade. Such polycarbonate sheets are slightly more expensive that the ordinary sheet. Thus, you will pay slightly higher.




For a fact, it is upon you to determine the swimming pool enclosure cost by specifying correct design, size, extra features and accessories. Changing any of these will definitely determine the amount of money you will spend to construct a swimming pool enclosure.