Everyone desires to have a customized pool enclosure in their backyard.

There are a wide range of reasons for this, but not limited to:

1. All year-round enjoyment
2. Easy operation.
3. Adding value to homes.
4. Safety.
5. Years of reliability of service.


outdoor swimming pool enclosures

So, why customized pool enclosure design?

There is nothing as good as a unique enclosure with special features such as unique finishing or color to enhance its appearance.

You may include powder-coat to aluminum rods or add skylights.

Ideally, you are only limited by your imagination.

Of course, it is a rigorous exercise, thus, you need an assistance of a qualified technician.

To get the best design, you need to consider the following:

Choose a Specific Design And Improve on it

You need to start from somewhere.

That is, choose a specific design of a swimming pool enclosure you’d wish to customize.

Broadly, there are 3 options that you may consider.

They include:

customize pool enclosure

1. Low height designs – they are tall enough and they can allow people to use the swimming pool when fully covered.

2. Medium height designs – users can move freely along the central section of the roofed enclosure when fully covered. That is, you can stand in the pool without the head touching the roof.

3. High enclosure designs – it allows users to move freely through the entire section of the enclosed area of the swimming pool.

These three types are mainly available in standards designs and shapes.

It is upon you to decide on what to incorporate, thus, making it unique.

Select a Unique Design Technology

There are advanced technologies that are in use in the industry.

It is upon the end user to choose one that fulfills his/her requirements.

Quite a number of people have adopted retractable enclosures.

They are either automatically or manually opened.

Others have incorporated a number of sensors to perform various tasks such as opening swimming pool ventilation systems.

LED lights are also used to illuminate the pool.

Again, opting for a sophisticated technology may guarantee a luxurious lifestyle, however it comes with a higher price tag.

luxurious pool enclosure

Consider Aesthetic Enhancements

Swimming pool aesthetic enhancements are basically all elements people use to manipulate the area within and around the swimming pool.

You can decide to have some plants, just to give it a natural.

This will imply that you go for high enclosure designs.

Tinted or embossed polycarbonate sheets and painted aluminum rods will enhance the beauty of the swimming pool environment.

All these materials can be modified thereby, giving pool owners an opportunity to include things that make them happy.

Hire a talented design team

Without a talented and creative design team, then all your efforts will be in vain.

Designing a swimming pool enclosure is a rigorous exercise that involves brainstorming.

You may find that, things you think will make your swimming pool unique may not be appropriate from an expert point of view.

pool enclosure

It’s for this reason that you should not go down this road alone without the help of a professional company.

Don’t Ignore Pool Decking

Swimming pool deck is an important section of the pool enclosure.

Where do you expect the retractable enclosure to slide?

Definitely, you will have the rails on the pool deck.

Furthermore, you can’t strive to decorate a pool enclosure that does not blend well with the swimming pool deck.

The two should be in “harmony” at all times.

This is the same scenario with the environment around the swimming pool.

pool deck

Well, having a customized pool enclosure is good.

However, it is a backbreaking process.

That is, from having a concept, putting it into practice until you realize a unique and desirable system.

When you follow the above 5 tips, there is a higher chance of achieving your objective – to get a unique enclosure.