Comparing pool enclosure prices can be a challenging process considering you need to evaluate the design, operational expenses, accessories and maintenance cost.

It should go beyond just installation to both operational and long-term swimming pool enclosure maintenance expenses.

Below are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when comparing prices.

They will help to save a lot of money:

1. Never Compare Pool Enclosure’s HVAC Systems if You Are Not an Expert

Don’t be excited that a swimming pool enclosure should have HVAC as an additional feature.

Well, it will make the pool enclosure comfortable, but, choosing a wrong one will only increase the operating costs.

HVAC for swimming pools

An example of a HVAC for swimming pools.

There are technical performance specifications that you need to consider.

They affect both the initial installation and running costs of the swimming pool enclosure.

Without proper knowledge on this, your HVAC may not operate successfully.

So, what are some of the most common mistakes that people do?

  • Controlling the pool enclosure environment without a dehumidification system. Neither the exhaust fans nor make-up air systems will stabilize humidity within the pool enclosure. This will only prove to be more expensive.
  • Choosing wrong specifications of dehumidification systems. Most people forget to consider the air turnover rate and capacity.
  • A wrong ductwork system; it doesn’t matter how efficient HVAC system is, a wrong duct work will only lead to more expenses.
  • Installing an HVAC system with more than 5 rows of evaporator coil are difficult to clean. Moreover, they don’t remove excess moisture.

Do you understand these, or even how they operate?

Well, if you don’t, then don’t waste your time trying to compare HVAC prices.

You may not get the right specification. Again, you may end up paying more for a substandard equipment.

2.Don’t Focus on Pool Enclosure Initial Investment, Pay Attention to Operational Costs

This is also a common problem when comparing pool enclosure prices.

Well, a pool enclosure may cost between $4,000 to over $25,000.

It will depend on basic features you wish to incorporate in the swimming pool.

That is, say you need a retractable pool enclosure, unique architectural design, extra features such as LED lighting systems and HVAC systems, just to mention a few.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

Well, a wide range of accessories is available for a pool enclosure systems.

May be you can afford them by the time you wish to start the installation process.

However, the question is, will you be able to maintain them in the future?

To avoid this, you need to go for a swimming pool enclosure with low maintenance and operational costs.

3.Avoid Being Tricked by Sales Persons Who Know Nothing about The Swimming Pool Enclosure

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Sales people know the excitement that comes with swimming pool enclosure construction.

Just the fact that you will be assured of longer swimming a season will make you not to consider a crucial aspect when comparing pool enclosure prices.

Consider various technological advancement in swimming pool enclosure industry.

They will come with attractive advertisements and offers.

In fact, they may seem to offer deals that are too good to turn down.

This will simply act as a bait.

You should evaluate every situation and try to make an informed decision.

It should be based on authenticity, quality and reliability of the swimming pool enclosure.

4. Never Hire Unqualified or Unprofessional Contractors, Avoid Them Like a Plague

Hiring a wrong contractor will be the beginning of all your problems.

They don’t understand the key features or better ways to cut construction and maintenance costs.

Swimming pool enclosure lighting ideas

Consider various lighting ideas


Design ideas – you can include plans or chairs

So, how do you expect him/her to help you compare pool enclosure costs?

Definitely, they won’t offer any professional advice and guidance.

Only hire those who are regulated and registered with the relevant authorities.

The truth is, you need to do enough research and get all the relevant details about the contractor.

More importantly, the previous projects he/she has handled.

5.Know What You Want and Your Style – It Should Be What Makes You Happy

standard swimming pool enclosure

Well, comparing swimming pool enclosure prices without necessarily outlining what you want can be disastrous.

You will end up spending a lot of money on something that you won’t need two or three years to come.

This will be ridiculous considering pool enclosures are designed to last more than 25 years.

Consider all the various swimming pool enclosure ideas available in the market.

You can only achieve this through a thorough research.

There are so many options online or contact your contractor to help you source for other options.


These are some obvious mistakes you need to avoid when planning to install a swimming pool enclosure.

People who ignore these have ended up making wrong decisions that are costly.

You can contact a reliable swimming pool enclosure manufacturing company for advice.

They will clarify for you the implication of including any single component in your swimming pool.