Did you know there is a possibility of using a swimming pool throughout the year for more than 25 years?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer, you will be able to control the environmental conditions within the pool.

swimming in winter
Well, it is this simple, you should install above ground swimming pool enclosures.

They will definitely extend your swimming season, reduce maintenance and operational costs.

These enclosures are designed to make outdoor or indoor swimming pool attractive and to provide years of swimming fun.

You don’t need to stop swimming when the season changes.

But, how is this possible?

They Are Manufactured from Durable Materials, Thus, Preventing Hailstones or Snow

Above the ground swimming pool enclosures come in robust designs.

They are manufactured from polycarbonate sheet with reinforced aluminum profiles.

Therefore, they can withstand strong wind (rated at 230 km/hr.) and high load (900kg distributed in a 1.5m radius).

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F
This implies, you will comfortably enjoy using the swimming pool, even during adverse weather conditions.

Neither snow, hailstones nor strong wind will get access to your swimming pool.

Thus, your swimming pool routine won’t be disrupted in any way.

The Swimming Pool Will Remain Warm and Comfortable During Cold Seasons

Most people enjoy swimming during summer since the swimming pool remains warm most of the time.

With the above ground pool enclosures, swimming pool will still remain warm and comfortable even during winter, early spring or late fall.

It completely isolates environment within the pool from the external environment.

pool cover
Even during extreme scenarios when the pool may require heating, you will not spend a lot of money.

This is because the enclosure retains heat and during mild sunlight, it raises water temperature by about 6 to 8 degrees.

In short, water temperature will remain stable, thus you can enjoy swimming throughout the year.

It Protects You from UV Radiation During Summer or Hot Weather

Sunburns will not be a problem anymore.

The polycarbonate sheet filters out all the harmful UV radiations that cause sunburns.

Again, you can opt for the tinted polycarbonate sheets.

They reduce the amount of heat energy that reaches the surface of water.

Therefore, it keeps the environment comfortable.

In fact, with some designs, you won’t realize whether the intensity of the sun is high or not.

It will maintain a stable environmental condition.

pool enclosure

Enclosure Helps to Maintain Swimming Pool PH Balance

A chemical imbalance may cause skin irritations.

Thus, you will not enjoy swimming.

This imbalance is mainly due to acidic rain, especially for those who live near manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, UV radiation may decompose these swimming pool chemicals, thus they become ineffective.

swimming pool PH balance
By isolating the internal and external environment of the swimming pool, it is possible to maintain water PH during all seasons.

It doesn’t matter whether there is heavy downpour or intense sun radiation.

Robust Designs Allow for Flexibility And Convince During All Weather Conditions

You can opt for either sliding or retractable pool enclosures.

Such above ground enclosures allows you to open the swimming pool for an outdoor experience during the summer.

Again, you can close it to have an indoor experience during cold seasons.

retractable swimming pool enclosure
They also come with lockable and childproof systems.

This is a crucial element, especially if you value the safety of swimming pool users.


From these, it is quite clear that above ground swimming pool enclosure will guarantee an extended swimming season.

It does matter whether it is winter or summer.

The environment within the swimming pool will remain stable and comfortable.

In the process, it will help you to cut on unnecessary costs such as heating or treating swimming pool water more frequently.