Let’s face the truth, as much you may desire to use domes for above ground pools for long, there are certain variables that change with time.

A good example is the technology.

How far has the technology evolved so far?

Well, the truth is, it has transitioned from manually to automatically operated swimming pool enclosures.

Some enclosures are equipped with temperature sensors, thus, the ventilation systems can open and close automatically.

Apart from these, the HVAC systems have also been automated.

dome of swimming pool

The whole idea of when to replace the domes for swimming pools depend on two main factors.

It could be due to change in personal preference or unexpected failure of some components.

I shall elaborate on this shortly.

Briefly, here are some main indications that show it is now time to replace the dome for above ground swimming pools:

A Change in Technology – Old Versus Modern Swimming Pool Technology

For a fact, the main aim of technological advancement in the swimming pool industry is to improve performance and reliability.

Another crucial aspect is reducing operational costs.

A swimming pool enclosure that feature the 21st century technology will be more cost effective and reliable.

Initially, pool owners mainly depended on heating systems to melt ice and keep the water warm.

This was quite expensive.

They could also use glass enclosures. Glass cannot resist high impact or loading.

This situation could even be worse when it breaks into small pieces.

above ground swimming glass enclosure breaks into small pieces.

This forced people to replace all these with polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures.

In other words, you may replace these domes for above ground swimming pools when you need to upgrade.

When Enclosure Material Gets Worn Out

Polycarbonate or any other material such vinyl is not inert.

When they get into contact with certain materials, they will corrode.

This reduces their effectiveness significantly.

Take for instance waste products from pests or birds.

At times, these materials can be gnawed by rodents such as rats or squirrel.

This may force you to replace or repair the worn out surfaces.

Degradation Is a Common Factor for Enclosure in Regions with Extreme Weather

Although polycarbonate and aluminum are durable materials, they degrade with time, thus, losing desired performance characteristics.

Again, strong acids or bases degrade polycarbonate sheets.

In case your swimming pool located near industries that release acidic gases in the atmosphere definitely, the life span of polycarbonate sheet will be shorter.

This is the same scenario in salty atmosphere, especially around ocean shores.

The joints may corrode thus, making the overall structure weak.

High temperature from the sun may cause warping, faded paint or dry rot. In such situations, you have no option but to replace these domes for above ground pools.

Mechanical Damage Due to Very Strong Wind or Natural Calamities Such as Hurricane

This will make the overall structure weak or bend certain sections within the dome.

A weak structure may be dangerous since it may fall on swimmers.

This can result in serious injuries.

damage swimming pool dome

At times, the sliding rails may be damaged, hence, sliding the cover becomes a difficult process.

Again, you have no option but to replace the pool enclosures.

It Could Be a Requirement to Conform to Changes in Building Codes


Normally, a change in building codes and regulation may compel you to replace domes for above ground pool enclosures.

A good example is the safety measures that are being revised from time to time.

Whenever a new regulation is enforced, you have no option but to replace these pool enclosures.


It is a fact that these enclosures can last for more than 25 years.

This does not imply that replacing them is inevitable.

As a general rule, you must only replace dome for above ground pools after assessing possible options and you are convinced it is the only option.