5 Things to Avoid


There are a number of polycarbonate coating manufacturers which sell and distribute polycarbonate sheets and panels at very incredible prices. In fact, some of them pride of being the best in the industry. Not all manufacturers sell valuable products since some of these sheets are manufactured from substandard raw materials and they do not pass the required quality test.

To be guaranteed of quality products, you need to avoid the following key factors:


1.Avoid manufacturers who compromise quality production


The company should be ISO certified since this is a clear road map to quality production. In addition to this, the polycarbonate coating manufacturers should have their own quality testing infrastructure such as laboratories and quality assessment team. Normally, such companies and distributors can ascertain the quality of products before they reach the consumer. Under normal circumstances; a quality polycarbonate sheet should last for more than 10 years without showing any signs of defects. That is; all the coating and treatment such as the UV protection, anti-fog coating and anti-abrasion coating should remain intact within this period of time.


2.Do not purchase products without a warranty


A warranty is a vivid indication that the company sells quality products and they can be accountable for any defects which may occur within a given period of time. As a buyer, it will always act as your security. This is for the reason that; in case the polycarbonate sheet or panel fails before the warranty expires then the polycarbonate coating manufacturers will have to replace it. A number of polycarbonate products come with a warranty of about ten years. However, this may be subject to other issues such as the raw materials which were used in the process and the installation process.

3.Avoid companies with too many customer complaints or consumer reviews


A good company should have a good customer relationship with their customers. That is, the company’s sales representatives should be able to give their customers even the most intricate details about their products. This is the only way a customer can make an informed decision. They should be able to respond to various queries promptly and assist where necessary. The polycarbonate coating manufacturers which do not meet this criteria will have very poor customer reviews and numerous complains.

4.Do not purchase polycarbonate panels or sheets from companies which charge exorbitant prices

Although the high price of polycarbonate sheets and panels has been one of the main disadvantage of polycarbonate sheets, you need to compare prices to get the best bargain possible. However, the high cost has long-term benefits since these sheets are durable. There are those companies which sell their products at very high prices; you should avoid them at all cost.

5.Do research

There are quite a number of polycarbonate sheets which have been designed differently for a number of applications. You should avoid buying these products before doing a thorough research about all the features you would wish the polycarbonate sheets to possess. Good polycarbonate coating manufacturers will take you through this process.


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