There are quite a number of retractable swimming pool enclosure construction codes and regulations that may vary from state to state.

Basically, they aim to ensure safety and order in the entire construction process.

It is for this reason that every homeowner is expected to apply for a permit before the construction process begins.

retractable pool enclosures

You need to have an approved building permit before you begin the construction process.

A building permit is a legal document that allows you to begin the construction of a swimming pool enclosure within a geographical area.

Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself with the by-laws regarding the pool enclosure construction before you begin the process.

Alternatively, you can consult a qualified contractor.

He/she should give you’re a head start on this.

Meanwhile, I will share with some of the most common regulations regarding retractable pool enclosure construction process.

As a swimming pool safety measure, this equipment must have a barrier.

This barrier should prevent unauthorized persons or kids from accessing the swimming pool area.

The main types of swimming pool barriers I will discuss in this article include:

  • Retractable or fixed swimming pool enclosures
  • Swimming pool fences
Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure fence gate must remain locked at all times

Here, I will only focus on permanent pool barrier.

These are those structures you can construct around a swimming pool that is ready for use.

A good example in our case, is a retractable polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

Pool enclosure Model B

For these pool safety equipment, you need to consider the following critical aspects:

1. The Extent to Which the Enclosure Covers the Pool

As a matter of fact, your pool should be protected from intruders at all cost.

That is, no one should access the swimming pool area without your permission.

swimming pool enclosure

This clearly indicates that the retractable swimming pool enclosure must completely surround the pool area.

You should consider having the following openings on your pool enclosure:

  • A door – it should be lockable
  • An exit – should also be locked. An exit is only necessary for large pool enclosures.
  • Ventilation system – install them at the highest point of the enclosure that no one can access. Remember to close them whenever you will be leaving the swimming pool area.

2. Height of the Swimming Pool Barrier

Well, this is a major issue when dealing with swimming pool fence.

Remember, these fences do not have a closed top section.

It is recommended that these barriers be 4 feet or 48 inches high.

With this height, it is virtually impossible for one to jump over it.


swimming pool fence

The height of the pool fence should prevent kids from jumping over the it into the swimming pool area

The good thing about telescopic swimming pool enclosures is that, you don’t have to worry about height.

After all, it will cover the entire surface of the swimming pool enclosure.

These retractable pool enclosures are constructed from solid polycarbonate sheets and extruded aluminum rods.


polycarbonate pool enclosures

Thus, they are very strong and no one can break into the pool area.

It is actually the main reason why you can install even a low profile swimming pool enclosure.

Still, you shall have met the above requirement.

In short, it is upon you to decide on the specific height of the retractable pool enclosure you need.

You may go for either high or low profile pool enclosures.

3.Consider The Type of Swimming Pool

Broadly, we classify swimming pools as either in ground or above-ground.

As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to meet the desired retractable swimming pool enclosure codes and regulations.

Excelite Telescopic Pool Enclosure

Of course, this is due to the wide range of options available, especially when it comes to the height.

Normally, the challenge comes when installing swimming pool barriers for above-ground swimming pools.

You can choose to mount them at ground level or on the pool.

However, in case the barrier should be mounted on top of the swimming pool structure spacing becomes an important aspect.

The space between the top of the pool structure and the lowest part of the barrier must not be more than 4 inches.

Alternatively, you can opt for a high profile swimming pool enclosure that covers the entire surface of the above-ground pool.

4.Retractable Pool Enclosure Door

All swimming pool enclosures or fences should have a door/entrance.

You may have a quality swimming pool barrier, however, without a lockable door, all these efforts will be futile.


removable pool enclosures

Of course, there are rules and regulations that determine how you should install these doors/gates.

These include:

  • It should have a self-locking mechanism. This implies, once you shut the gate it will automatically lock itself.
  • The door/gate should open outwards – away from the inner section of the enclosure/fence.
  • Gate/door should have a handle and it should be located about 40 inches from the ground.
  • The handle should be at least 3 inches from the top.
  • If possible the door/gate should have a child proof locking mechanism

5. When a Wall Serves As Part of The Enclosure

Depending on the swimming pool enclosure design, a wall may also form part of the enclosure.

Wall mounted pool enclosure

That is, for swimming pool around a house.

You should install the pool enclosure such that:

  • You can open and close the retractable enclosure anytime.
  • No space should be left between the wall and enclosure.
  • The doors must meet the above criteria.

6.Swimming Pool Alarms

swimming Pool Alarms

As an added safety measure, you may install swimming pool alarms.

First, ensure the alarm conforms to the ASTM F2208 requirements.

Of course, this is not a compulsory for those pool enclosures with a retractable pool enclosure.


outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Still, it the swimming pool alarm should meet the following criteria:

  • Capable of detecting intruders
  • Should be loud enough to be heard

As you can see, these are simple rules and regulations you have to follow.

It is the only way of being at loggerheads with the local authorities.

NOTE: Some of these rules and regulations may change.

So, be sure to make the necessary follow ups with the local authorizes.

Moreover, this is just a summary of the most critical aspects of these swimming pool enclosure regulations.

I have a list of references below where you can access the PDF version of these regulations.

As you might have realized, when you opt for retractable swimming pool enclosures, it will save you from observing so many requirements.

That is the measurements.

The point is, once you have installed a retractable swimming pool enclosure, all you need is lock the door and all will be fine.

pool enclosure model G


There are two secrets here – hire a qualified contractor to do the job and go for retractable swimming pool enclosures.

These pool enclosures guarantee 100% safety, are long-lasting and completely covers the swimming pool area.

For more information on swimming pool barrier rules and regulations, you can follow these links:

  1. New York State (Dept. of Code Enforcement & Admin) – Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations found in the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code)
  2. Florida Building Code: Residential Swimming Pool Requirements
  3. Los Angeles County Department of Public Works – Pool Enclosures
  4. Westampton – Construction Code Requirements for Swimming Pools

For any questions and clarifications, you can contact Excelite team.