Over the past decade, the demand for swimming pool enclosures has tripled.

This is due to the numerous benefits of retractable pool enclosures.

Still, choosing a high quality and reliable one has remained a major challenge for most people.

Below are some 7 features you should consider before purchasing this equipment:

Choose Quality Construction Materials – They Are Durable And Reliable

Retractable swimming pool enclosures are constructed from quality polycarbonate sheets and extruded aluminum rods.

The two are reliable and guarantee long service life.

In the recent past, cases of companies using substandard materials have become quite common.

Thus, you need to be cautious.

aluminum Powder coating

Choose quality construction materials – polycarbonate and aluminum

The only solution to this is purchasing those products from reputable and reliable companies.

That is, one that adheres to construction codes and quality manufacturing standards.

For a fact, these materials should protect your swimming pool enclosure from bad weather such as snow or wind.

They should both guarantee longer swimming season and serve you for at least 25 years.

Ability to Close and Open with Minimal Effort

The whole idea about retractable swimming pool enclosures is: users can cover their pool during winter and open when there is moderate sunlight (summer).

However, this is only possible with a reliable closing and opening mechanism.

retractable swimming pool enclosure

Ability to close and open the swimming pool enclosure when weather changes

The swimming pool enclosure cover should slide smoothly either during opening or closing.

The rails should be firmly fixed on the swimming pool deck to withstand the weight of the cover.

Again, if possible, greasing could be an option to prevent friction that can cause wear and tear.

Focus on Aesthetic Value of An Enclosure

Apart from an extended outdoor living space, beauty is also an important feature you should consider.

Imagine a situation where your retractable pool enclosure blends well with outdoor or interior decorations.

Or, one with a unique design and style.

Obviously, it will be the focal point in your home.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

There are so many design options available in the market.

May be, you could consider traditional designs that blend well with modern technology.

It will improve the esthetics of your compound.

Just aim to turn your swimming pool area into a beautiful, comfortable and relaxing space.

Does it Incorporate Any Modern Technology?

Companies that manufacture and install retractable swimming pool enclosure have been incorporating technology that aims to enhance performance of this equipment.

In the case of large swimming pools, closing and opening the cover manually is a laborious process.

standard swimming pool enclosure

This is one of the main reasons why motorized retractable pool enclosures are a better option.

Users can open and close the swimming pool just by a click on the button.

That is, you don’t need another person to help you open and close the swimming pool cover.

More advanced pool enclosure systems feature a remote controlled opening and closing mechanisms.

You can either use a preinstalled software on your smartphone or use a remote control device.

It Should be Easy to Maintain, Install And Operate

Simplicity is a necessity when buying a retractable swimming pool enclosure.

The manufacturing company should provide a clear installation manual.

This will make it easier to install, thus, you can avoid unnecessary swimming pool enclosure costs – you shall have reduced labor costs.

It will help cut on pool enclosure maintenance costs. At times running a swimming pool enclosure can be costly.

Exemplary Performance And Functionality

To enjoy the benefits of swimming pools all year round, the retractable swimming pool should create a micro-climate within the swimming pool area.

That is, it should control all environmental factors that make it impossible to swim during certain times of the year.

Once you install a swimming pool enclosure it should:

Eliminate chemical loss; a lot of swimming pool chemicals are lost through evaporation.

Decomposition, due to the UV radiations.

An enclosure will protect the pool from these phenomena, thus, significant cost saving.

pool chemical cost

Reduce chemical use thus, cutting cost

Reducing heating requirements; there are numerous benefits of polycarbonate sheets.

Being an insulator, it prevents heat loss thus, reducing electricity cost by about 65%.

It naturally, insulates the swimming pool.

swimming pool water heating bills

Reduces cost of heating swimming pool

Cuts on cleaning costs; dirt, leaves or grass blow away by wind won’t reach the surface of your swimming pool water.

Therefore, no need to clean it all the time.

Check Whether The Company Offers a Warranty

A retractable swimming pool enclosure warranty is a clear indication that the company trusts is products.

Remember, a quality enclosure should serve for at least 20 years.

Again, this will also reduce pool enclosure repair and maintenance costs.


In short, you must insist on buying a quality and reliable retractable swimming pool enclosure.

It should be one that adheres to construction codes, easy to use and guarantee a longer swimming season.