Well, I know everyone knows reasons for installing commercial screen pool enclosures.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

These include:

  1. Extended swimming hours – both summer and winter.
  2. Reducing maintenance cost in terms of chemicals, energy and refilling the pool.
  3. Privacy and security.
  4. As a required by law, just to mention a few.

A swimming pool is an important recreational facility with a lot of benefits.

Apart from having fun with family and friends, it also adds monetary value to your property.

But, have you ever thought of hosting any fun activities around a swimming pool with an enclosure?

Do you know the right activities to host within your commercial screen pool enclosures?

In case you don’t know any, I will share with you 7 fun activities you can host within this equipment.

Activities to Host in Commercial Screen Pool Enclosures

You may consider the following activities for your swimming pool:

1. Swimming in commercial screen pool enclosures

I know you expected this to be #1 in my list of fun activities.

Well, swimming is one of the basic reasons for constructing a swimming pool.

More importantly, it is why we have enclosures too.

We desire to swim during both summer and winter.

commercial swimming pool enclosures

A boy enjoying swimming pool enclosure

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, gives you the opportunity to swim anytime you want.

That is, during:

  1. Summer – protects the pool from harmful UV radiations.
  2. Winter – protects it from excess cold and snow.
  3. Nigh time – you can install LED swimming pool lights.

In short, you don’t have any reason to avoid swimming pool, especially if this is your favorite activity.

The enclosure itself saves both money and time.

That is, 100% maintenance free, therefore you don’t have to waste time removing dust, bugs or grass from the water.

2. Consider sporting activities

Swimming is a popular Olympic sport.

It involves a number of swimming styles such as backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke or freestyle.

swimming pool screen enclosures

Swimming competition during Olympic games.

With commercial screen pool enclosures, you will enjoy this water sport without worrying about the weather.

You can decide to host these sports during winter or summer.

In fact, if you have a retractable polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure, the better.

This because you can have an outdoor or indoor environment anytime.

By hosting this water sport, you can generate a reasonable amount of income.

Remember, not all schools own swimming pools.

Furthermore, since the enclosure guarantees 100% maintenance free swimming pool, you can maximize on your profits as well.

pool enclosure model G

All you need is a large swimming pool with a high profile pool enclosure.

Of course, you need to have a good ventilation system.

This will allow for maximum circulation of oxygen.

3. Try swimming pool games

Where do you go during the holidays?

Did you know there are several games you can play in the swimming pool?

Now you know.

You can try the following swimming pool games: water polo, swimming battleball, sharks & minnows, whale, bean, marco polo, capture the change and greased watermelon football.

Of course, there are other games too.

Swimming pool games are entertaining and exciting.

All you need is good partners who understand the rules of these games.

Apart from these, there are swimming pool games for kids.

This is also a better way to keep kids busy during summer or winter.

You don’t have to worry about the cold.

The commercial swimming pool enclosure will keep the temperature warm.

These games include mermaid races, noodle jousting, shark in the pool, ping pong and treasure hunt, among other games.

swimming pool screened enclosures

Kids enjoying swimming pool games

NOTE: Don’t allow your kids to be in the swimming pool alone.

Moreover, ensure they adhere to all swimming pool safety guidelines.

According to a report released by CDC on swimming accidents, unintentional drowning is one of the leading causes of deaths among kids.

4. Training or working out in the swimming pool

With a commercial swimming pool screen enclosures, you will enjoy an all year round workout or training.

You can enjoy going about your daily exercise routine either indoors or outdoors.

This is only possible with retractable swimming pool enclosures.

Swimming is a popular working out activity as it is considered a no-impact way to exercise.

This makes it a perfect choice for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease and serious arthritis.

Even sport persons also consider swimming a better way of training.

You can try this out and you will never regret it.

Of course, you can commercialize your pool, thereby, earning money as people use your facility to train.

5. Swimming pool party in a pool enclosure

How about hosting a party in commercial screen pool enclosures?

You can host your friends for a party.

This is one of those thrilling moments your friends will never forget.

However, you must be cautious.

They should not throw food particles or drinks in the swimming pool water.

It will contaminate the pool.

Commercial pool screen enclosure

A swimming pool party

Choose the right swimming pool enclosure lighting system.

This will spice your party at night. Just be sure to choose the right theme for the party.

No need to worry about the bad weather.

This is because the commercial screen pool enclosure will provide a good shelter.

Relaxing in commercial screen pool enclosures

After a long and tiresome day, you can spend some time in your commercial screen pool enclosures.

You don’t have to worry about the weather.

Your swimming pool will be warm since polycarbonate is a good insulator.

commercial screen enclosures

Relaxing in swimming pool during summer

You can install LED lights on the screen pool enclosure cover to illuminate the pool at night.

Enjoying meals around in commercial screen pool enclosures

You may consider having meals around the swimming pool.

However, no one should throw food particles in the water as it will contaminate it.

commercial screen pool enclosures

Enjoying your meals with friends and family

The good thing is, you commercial pool enclosure will protect you from strong wind, scorching sun radiation and rain.

You may decide to make it private by opting for the tinted polycarbonate sheets.


As you can see, there are so many activities you can do in your commercial screen pool enclosures.

All you need is a strong pool enclosure constructed from extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheet.