Above ground pool dome enclosure has quite a number of benefits.

Most noteworthy, it extends the swimming season.

You do not have to worry about the harsh winter weather (extremely low temperature and snow).

above ground pool dome enclosure

Above the ground swimming pool without a dome cover

Over the recent past, we have noted that a lot of people make some mistakes during the installation process.

This is actually the main reason why some dome enclosures collapse when subjected to a small magnitude of force.

above ground pool dome enclosure

A swimming pool dome enclosure that has collapse due to poor construction procedures.

The question is:

Do you want to part of those who do not follow the recommended installation procedure for above ground pol dome enclosures?

If no, then I will teach you how to avoid them.

Above Ground Pool Dome Enclosure Installation Mistakes & How to avoid Them

Hire unqualified and untrained swimming pool contractors

When you hire such contractors, expect nothing, but substandard work because they don’t know what should be done.

I find it ridiculous to spend $2,999 to buy a swimming pool enclosure and fail to pay less than $500 for the installation process.

above ground pool dome enclosure

swimming pool construction in process

It is this simple: hire trained and reputable contractor.

You can learn how to hire a qualified contractor.

So, how do you identify unqualified contractors?

Such contractors possess the following key features:

  1. No brick and mortar location – that is, they neither have an office nor a postal address. Some claim to be “mobile contractors”.
  2. No valid documents – these include all the necessary licenses or insurance.
  3. Not registered with the regulatory authorities or association. This is because they are known for doing substandard work.
  4. You can’t find their previous work anywhere – no past clients or projects.

You should hire reputable and trusted contractors. That is, if by any chance you want value for your money.

Get a Building Permit for Your above Ground Pool Dome Enclosure

Let’s be sincere with ourselves. How do you spend $2,999 to buy an enclosure plus $500 to hire a contractor then fail to get a permit?

This is a joke!

above ground pool dome enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure building permit

Visit your local authority to get a building permit this because failure to do so, you may be charged in court.

Remember, any new structure must be approved by the relevant authorities.

In fact, you need to get this permit before you purchase the enclosure.

You won’t walk into any office and get this permit.

The authorities will visit the construction site to do all the necessary environmental impact assessments.

This is because they need to ensure that the construction above ground pool dome enclosure is safe and eco-friendly.

In case you don’t know how to go about then the contractor should be of great help.

Violating building and construction codes

The consequences of failing to get a building permit and violating building codes are the same.

You will be arrested and taken to court.

above ground pool dome enclosure

Consequences of not following building codes

With the increasing number of swimming pool accidents, violating building codes is a criminal offense.

Therefore, you need to get a copy of this document, read it and understand all the requirements.

In fact, it is an important swimming pool safety requirement.

This is why I insist on hiring qualified and reputable contractor.

They are the only people who will understand what is required of you.

For instance, to construct an above ground pool dome enclosure in New York, there is the minimum distance between the enclosure and pool.

Therefore, follow all building codes to enjoy using your above ground pool dome enclosure without interruption.

Ignoring Safety Procedures

One of the reasons for installing above ground pool dome enclosure is to ensure safety of users.

This is even critical where we have kids.

Remember, the number of kids who drown in swimming pools is increasing every day.

This is according to a report published by CDC on swimming pool accidents.

So, why should you overlook safety during the installation process?

Remember, during the process, you will be handling aluminum rods, polycarbonate sheet, cutting tools, rivets and fasteners.

For this reason, you must have all the necessary safety gear.

These should include overall, helmet, goggles, gloves and industrial boots.

This for your won good and that of the fellow workers.

Not Following the Installation Instructions

Any above ground pool dome enclosure come with an installation manual or guide.

Surprisingly, quite a number of people ignore these instructions.

You should know that the swimming pool enclosure installation process is not a trial and error process.

There is a tested and approved way everything should be done.

For example, when the installation instructions insist that you must start with cover A, don’t start with cover B.

When you pretend to know “a lot” then the whole process could be disastrous.

Remember, failure to follow the recommended installation process alone will make your enclosure warranty invalid.

This implies, in case of any malfunction, you will incur the repair costs. This is not what we want.

Inconsistent Designs and Construction Procedures

There are quite a number of pool enclosure design ideas to choose from.

I wonder why you have to change your mind when the process is just about to come to an end.

screen enclosures

Types of swimming enclosure roof designs

Decide whether you need a curved, dome or gable roofing style.

Whether you need a high or low profile swimming pool enclosures.

It won’t make sense to order for a rectangular above ground pool dome enclosure, then try to modify it.

There is only one answer to this, you will fail. Save yourself the agony of going through such a process.

Plan in good time and be sure you’re ready to install a specific design of above ground pool dome enclosure.

Follow Your Budget and Plan

Why do we budget or have a plan?

It is because we want something that will guide us during the construction process.

So, have a pool screen budget and plan and follow it until you complete the installation process.

I don’t imply that adjusting the budget is bad.

Well, you need to have a flexible budget and plan that can accommodate unexpected changes.

However, you should only do it when it’s necessary.


In short, these are some of the most common mistakes people make when installing above ground pool dome enclosure.

What are some of the challenges you faced when installing swimming pool enclosures?

Feel free to share them with us. Contact us today.