Installing a swimming pool enclosure comes with a lot of excitement due to a wide range of benefits if offers.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

However, most people overlook some of the most crucial swimming pool enclosure cost of repair and maintenance.

It is important to adopt better mechanisms that will help reduce these costs by all means possible.

Here are important strategies you should adopt:

Conduct Routine Checkup of Every Section

This is a sure way to ensure your swimming pool enclosure operates effectively and affectingly.

Routine check enables you to identify problems in time, thus, appropriate solution can be adopted.

You should inspect the following key parts:

  1. Aluminum frame
  2. Locking mechanisms
  3. Glazing materials – polycarbonate sheet
  4. HVAC and LED systems, if any.
  5. Ventilation systems
  6. Sliding mechanisms

Keep the Swimming Pool Enclosure Clean

Pool enclosure costs of repair and maintenance will be higher when dirt or chemical substance accumulates on the surface of the glazing material.

At times, when these dirt/chemicals remain on the surface for a long period of time they may result in permanent stains.

In the worst scenarios, you may be forced to replace the entire section of the swimming pool enclosure.

This is important for people who live around busy industrial setups where acid rain is common.


Clean swimming pool is healthy and improves swimming experience

Hire a Trained And Professional Swimming Pool Enclosure Technician

Unprofessional technicians or companies are likely to over quote the repair and maintenance prices.

Besides, they may not do quality work.

Calling the right people is a sure way to save on these costs.

The technician/company should be registered and licensed to offer such services besides being trained.

swimming pool enclosure installation

Qualified technicians understand what needs to be done

Their history and reputation in the industry is enough to tell whether they can be trusted with such assignments or not.

Control or Monitor Swimming Pool Usage at All Times

Privacy and control over who uses swimming pool are some of the main reasons why you need to install as a swimming pool enclosure.

You should allow only responsible persons to use the pool.

Do not allow people who will climb on the swimming pool enclosure surface or, bang the sliding covers.

pool enclosure model G

In short to reduce pool enclosure cost of repair and maintenance, you need to set rules and guidelines of using the swimming pool.

This will save you from unnecessary repair costs.

Train swimming pool users how to open and close the cover. Don’t assume that everybody can do it.

Consider Accessibility of The Swimming Pool Enclosure Area

Most people tend to build structures or plant trees around their swimming pool enclosures.

Remember, at some point, you will have to replace the pool enclosure systems.

Such enclosures become difficult to access and it may require the technicians or repair companies to do a lot of work.

In such situations, you will have to pay more for the services.

If by any chance you want to decorate the enclosure, it is advisable to use temporary structures.

Always Refer to The Manufacturers Manual and Instructions

Your swimming pool enclosure manufacturer will state the right materials, tools and procedure on how to go about the installation process.

To reduce unnecessary pool enclosure costs or expenses, which may be as a result of failure to following the right procedure, you must always refer to the manual.

Quite a number of people throw these manuals away after the first installation process.

Remember, even your new technician will use this manual to know specific instructions as stipulated by your manufacturer.

standard swimming pool enclosure

Keep Your Warranty Documents Safe

At times, you may wish to upgrade the enclosure.

Always contact the original manufacturer of the swimming pool enclosure.

They will guide you accordingly.

It will be sad to incorporate something that will end up messing everything.

Remember, this is to ensure your warranty remains valid.

A swimming pool enclosure manufactured from polycarbonate and aluminum can last for more than 25 years.


With these in mind, you should be able to reduce pool enclosure cost of repair and maintenance.

These are basically preventive measures that have proved handy and effective.