I know at some point, we want to have an eye catching swimming pool screened enclosures.

However, using extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheets alone is not enough.

We just have to introduce something different to make the enclosures a focal point of our homes.

The question is, what should we do?

First of all, is it worth investing in?

Most probably, at Excelite Plastics Ltd., we can help you to achieve this.

All you need to do is follow these 9 simple tips.

This is because we have been in the swimming pool enclosure industry long enough to understand what our end users really want.

standard swimming pool enclosure

Therefore, by following these tips that I am going to share with you, its possible to transform your screened enclosures to something like this:

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Decorating Swimming Screened Enclosures

So, let me share with some ideas that will transform your swimming pool enclosure:

Unique roof design of screened pool enclosures

You can choose from a wide range of roofing shapes and designs available in the market.

Whether to go for gable or semicircular roofing design will solely depend on your preferences.

screen enclosures

Different types of roofing designs

As a matter of fact, all swimming pool enclosures available in the market are described based on the types of roof structure and design.

It is this simple, go for a unique roofing style and your swimming pool enclosure will definitely stand out.

Remember, this will also depend on your level of creativity and commitment to the task at hand.

In addition to this, do not forget that a complex roofing pattern or design can be costly.

What about tinting glazing material

Well, this works too. Look around, you will see most people opting for colorless or blue solid polycarbonate sheets.

One may begin to think that other colors do not exist.

screened enclosures

A blue swimming pool enclosure

You can improve on your privacy while still enjoying all the benefits swimming pool enclosures have to offer.

What about blending some of these colors – say red, blue, yellow and green?

Or, maybe you can have them in this manner:

  1. Cover A – green
  2. Cover B – blue
  3. Cover C – yellow

It is upon you to decide. Just be sure to blend these colors well.

Furthermore, you may also customize the polycarbonate sheet with different logos and designs.

Just try to be creative and figure out something that doesn’t exist within your locality.

Think of good lighting systems for your pool enclosure

LED lights are commonly used due to the wide range of benefits such as long service life and energy efficiency. You should forget about the simple idea of illuminating the swimming pool at night.

swimming pool enclosure with light

Think of a swimming pool enclosure lighting ideas that can create a dramatic environment around your swimming pool.

Maybe blending these colors or opting for the flashing lighting system.

Swimming pool enclosures with the right LED lights will look more appealing at night than during the day.

It is for this reason that some people only enjoy swimming at night.

Maybe you should fix some furniture

Does this seem like something you may like?

If you integrate it, well then, definitely it will transform the space within your swimming pool.

screened enclsoures

People enjoying a meal around a high profile screened enclosure

Have you ever thought of having dinner around your swimming pool.

Well, this is possible when you install high profile swimming pool enclosures.

Depending on the available space on the swimming pool deck, you can fix chairs, table or wooden beds.

Just be sure to leave enough space around the pool too.

Since our aim is to add value to the screened enclosures, go for more attractive furniture.

If possible, they should depict a unique style – may be contemporary designs.

Create a natural environment around the pool by including some plants

If you are that person who treasures a natural look, then this could be a better option.

Get unique plants that convey a specific theme.

If possible, invest in unique plants that are not found within your locality.

Screened enclosure

A screened enclosure with both plants and seats.

The good thing is, plants will not only decorate your pool enclosure, but also ensure air around the pool is fresh.

However, one of the reasons for installing screen enclosures is to prevent plants and dust from falling in swimming pool water.

So, you should avoid plants that shed their leaves – deciduous plants.

What about improving the surrounding environment

You may have a well-designed screened enclosures, however, when the environment is pathetic then you shouldn’t expect anyone to enjoy being within the vicinity.

All these begins by preparing the pool deck to match the theme you wish to have around the pool. Of course, this also requires some creativity.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

You can include plants, use rocks to decorate the swimming pool area.

Making the environment appear natural is a better way of decorating the environment around the swimming pool area.

That is, create a fountain or a small hill around the enclosure.

Think of decorating the structural material

This is the reason why we opt for extruded aluminum rods.

They are easy to decorate.

We use these rods to make the structure of swimming pool enclosure because of their strength, lightweight, ease of fabrication and corrosion resistance.

screened enclosures

Swimming pool enclosure structural component

Normally, they are symmetrical and they come in uniform thickness.

Apart from forming unique swimming pool structure, you can decorate the structure by painting, powder coating or anodizing.

The final surface makes the swimming pool more appealing to the eye and unique.

The good thing is, aluminum retains surface decorations for a long period of time.

So, you there will be no need to re do it after a short period of time.

Consider unique styles of screened enclosure

We have got quite a number of swimming pool enclosure styles and designs you may consider.

In most cases, we mainly refer to the technology.

pool enclosure model G

Here, you may opt for a fixed cover of a retractable pool enclosure.

We highly recommend retractable cover.

It gives you the opportunity to have an indoor or outdoor environment whenever you wish.

Match your pool enclosure an outdoor landscaping or decorations

Well, this is a sure way to make your screened enclosure more interesting.

You should ensure the enclosure blends well with the surrounding environment.

As you try to incorporate all the elements I have highlighted above, just ensure they blend well with the external environment.


Decorating screened enclosures come with very many challenges.

That is, you have to improve the external environment of the enclosure while maintaining its primary functionality.

Do you want to decorate your swimming pool?

Are you finding it difficult to go about the process?

You can contact our technical team today.