Above ground pool enclosure is an important accessory that you should install around a swimming pool.

However, the entire process seems challenging to many, especially those who like shortcuts.

To enjoy all benefits that a pool enclosure provides such as extended swimming time and cost saving, you must have a plan.

It is this plan that should act as a guide throughout the entire process.

Below, I will list 9 crucial factors you should consider before installing any above ground enclosure at home.

swimming pool enclosure

You Should Create a Wish List

You may have been dreaming to have a pool enclosure for some time now.

What are these factors you want to incorporate in your enclosure?

It could be a retractable design, tinted polycarbonate surface or medium size pool enclosure.

You should include all these, however, you need to do a lot of research.

This will help you to gather ideas based on the latest technology.

creat your wishlist

If possible, share your idea with experts in this industry as they will help you to crystalize these ideas and plans.

They will help you choose the right material, designs and styles you need.

All these should be aligned with your goals and objectives.

Hire a Reputable Swimming Pool Enclosure Manufacturer or Installer

Experience and expertise play a pivotal role in this process.

You need to hire an individual who will conceptualize your swimming enclosure ideas.

reputable swimming pool enclosure bulder

You should consult with friends and relatives.

Alternatively, you can visit various swimming pool building directories or association.

As a rule of thumb, let the contractor show you examples of his/her previous work.

In addition to these, you need to ask all possible questions about above ground swimming pool enclosures.

Try to find out whether there could be any alternative designs other than the one you have been thinking about.

It’s Time to Consider Swimming Pool Enclosure Design And Shape

Well, these are so many designs available in the market.

You may consider obvious shapes such as dome, gable or square shapes.

It will all depend on what you desire.

design pool enclosure

However, if you want something unique that will be a focal point in your outdoor, then creativity is a must.

May be you can opt for favorite shapes.

Remember, polycarbonate sheet can be fabricated to take any shape.

In case you don’t have any idea, you can search for above ground swimming pool enclosure magazines.

At least, you could get a clue of what you need.

Have You Considered The Weather in Your Area?

If you haven’t, then it is time to do so.

The main aim of installing a swimming pool enclosure is to have an uninterrupted swimming experience.

Also, people install pool enclosures to control the weather within the swimming pool area.

The type of weather will dictate the choice of material.

That is, people in colder climates will opt for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets.

It is because they provide better insulation.

Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

In wind environment, the swimming pool structure will require reinforced aluminum structure.

On the other hand, for temperate or relatively warm climates, you may require a solid polycarbonate sheet.

As you can see, the weather plays a crucial role in swimming pool construction and design.

Choose All Your Construction Materials Wisely

Polycarbonate sheets and aluminum rods are a perfect material for this job.

Of course, there are other materials, but, these two have predictable physical and chemical properties.

Their performance and reliability is actually predictable.

Do You Know of a Suitable Technology for Your Above Ground Pool Enclosure?

In the recent past, these have been a number of technological advancements in the swimming pool enclosure construction industry.

That is, from automated ventilation systems to closing and opening mechanisms.


You need to visit lifestyle magazines to get updates about these technologies.

Although some may come with high installation costs, they can guarantee convenience.

Consider Long-term Costs of The Swimming Pool Enclosure

I know your main aim is to have fun in your swimming pool throughout the year.

But, cost saving is a crucial aspect that you need to consider.

For a fact, pool enclosures will cut your costs significantly when it comes to: energy consumption, water loss, treating water and general cleaning.


You should list other factors that you suspect may increase the operational costs.

Let your contractor advice you accordingly.

What Does The Law Say About Above Ground Swimming Pool Enclosure Construction?

You should check all the local swimming pool building codes that your local authority recommends.

I know if you go for a certified and reputable contractor, he/she will ensure that every process complies with building codes.


You also find out whether including a swimming pool may affect your homeowner’s insurance policy.

This is to avoid surprises that may occur, especially after an accident.

Review The Entire Pool Enclosure Construction Plan Again

Well, this is one stage that most people ignore.

Before you begin the actual construction process, you need to ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Does the pool fulfill all my needs and wishes?
2. Am I happy with the design?
3. What are the possible challenges that I may face?
4. Is there anything that I have not considered?

After assessing all these, you can begin the construction and installation process.


Installing above ground pool enclosure is a procedural process.

You need to have a clear guideline on how to handle every stage to ensure none of your resources go to waste.

More importantly, you need to work closely with an experienced technician.