It is of the utmost importance that we install screen pool enclosure for safety purposes.

This aims at ensuring no one drown in the swimming pool, especially kids.

Moreover, it also ensures there is no unauthorized persons accessing the swimming pool area.

According to data published by the Center of Diseases Control (CDC), about 10 people die from unintentional drowning daily.

In fact, in the United States, swimming pool drowning is ranked the fifth cause of unintentional injury death.

swimming pool accident - screen pool enclosure

                                                         A child falls in a swimming pool without an enclosure

This has forced government and non-government organizations to embark on a campaign to reduce instances of swimming pool accidents.

These include:

  1. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  2. California Department of Public Health
  3. International Life Saving Organization of Europe

These are just a few stakeholders.

As a matter of fact, every country has a body responsible for the safety and well-being of all pool users.

As a screen pool enclosure manufacture, Excelite Plastics Ltd. plays a pivotal role in ensuring any screen pool enclosure adheres to all the stipulated manufacturing codes.

standard swimming pool enclosure

This is the main reason we have to adhere to all screen enclosure regulations and requirements as stated by the law.

In this article, I will share with you 9 important safety tips for your swimming pool screen enclosure.

Screen Pool Enclosure Safety Tips

You need to consider the following safety tips:

1. Your Screen Pool Enclosure Must Adhere to Local Ordinances and Codes

The building codes and regulations should act as the first reference point before you begin the construction process.

Remember, there are international and locally set of construction codes set to ensure safety of swimming pool users.

Screen pool enclosure

                                            Screen pool enclosures that do not adhere to building code may collapse.

Take for instance, the New York Department of State Division of Code Enforcement & Administration, clearly highlights the various ASTM standards for pool enclosures.

Furthermore, it indicated the minimum distance required between the edge of the pool and enclosure.

Of course, this also goes hand in hand with choosing the right building materials (solid polycarbonate sheet and aluminum rods).

For end users, it is important to purchase these enclosures from a reputable screen enclosure company with verified and approved manufacturing process.

You can request for quality test certificates just to be sure that their products meet your local regulations and standards.

Bottom line: Failure to adhere to building codes and regulations will result in swimming pool accidents.

Even the swimming pool itself will not be protected from intruders.

2. Pool Screen Enclosure Locking Mechanism

You need to lock the pool enclosure whenever you are not using the swimming.

With a proper lock, you will be able to control the people who use the swimming pool.

This is a sure way to guarantee swimming pool safety at all times.

Screen pool enclosure door locking mechanism

Screen pool enclosure door locking system.

There are swimming pool door lock guidelines that you must adhere to.

You need to install those with self-locking and self-latching mechanism.

Again, you need to maintain the swimming pool enclosure door regularly.

This will ensure that it does not malfunction.

Both the door and lock should remain in good working condition.

In case you have a low profile swimming pool enclosure, ensure the entrance has a locking mechanism.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

The position of the lock plays and integral when it comes to swimming pool safety.

You need to install it near the center of the swimming pool enclosure door.

You can refer to our swimming pool enclosure installation guide.

As you can see from our engineering drawing below, the lock is centrally located.

Swimming pool enclosure locking mechanism

Swimming pool enclosure locking mechanism located at the center of the door

Bottom line: A swimming pool screen enclosure will not guarantee and safety or security.

A door and a locking mechanism are a requirement.

3. Regularly Inspect Your Pool Enclosure

Regular inspection is an important swimming pool safety procedure.

This is even crucial for the retractable swimming pool enclosure.

Remember, as you slide the pool cover back and forth, it could develop some weakness that is likely to compromise on your pool safety.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Some of the key area you need to inspect include:

  1. Pool door – as earlier mentioned, it must have a proper locking mechanism.
  2. Structural components of your screen pool enclosure – ensure all bolts and rivets are in tight.
  3. Rail tracking systems – it should be straight and not bent
  4. All joints

With the help of an installation guide, you can be able to go through this process successfully.

As you go about the routine inspection process, have a checklist.

Indicate you comments against every component.

Bottom line: Regular inspection will ensure your pool remains in good working condition for a long period of time.

4. Choose The Right Materials for Your Screen Pool Enclosure

Pool screen enclosure

A pool enclosure constructed from polycarbonate sheet and aluminum rods

The structural integrity of your screen pool enclosure is very important.

It is for this reason that we insist on choosing quality construction material that meet required standards (ASTM – commonly used for products sold in the U.S.).

Go for extruded aluminum and not any other materials such as woods or metal that will rust after a short people or time.

Aluminum rods have a lightweight, are corrosion resistance and stronger.

Screen pool enclosures constructed from solid polycarbonate sheets are stronger and durable.

Even though solid polycarbonate sheet is more expensive than hollow polycarbonate sheets, they are worth the investment.

Such pool enclosures will remain in good shape for more than 25 years.

Bottom line: An enclosure manufactured from substandard material will either collapse in your pool or there is a possibility of being blown away by wind.

5. Follow The Recommended Installation Procedure

You must follow the recommended screen pool enclosure installation process.

All our pool enclosures come with an installation manual/guide.

Follow the assembly process – starting from installing an aluminum rail tracking system to the door locking mechanism.

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

Most people like shortcuts and this is really dangerous.

Or, there are people who substitute some of these parts for the others.

All these procedures will only affect the overall strength of your pool enclosure.

Remember, a weak structure will put the life of swimming pool users at risk.

In case you need to hire a swimming pool contractor, go for only those who are qualified and possess the necessary licenses.

Bottom line: Hiring incompetent and ignoring the recommended installation procedure may result in accidents, especially, if the pool cover collapses.

6. Teach Your Family How to Operate Retractable Pool Cover

Don’t assume that everyone knows how to use a swimming pool enclosure.

That is, opening, closing, cleaning and locking.

When you bang the screen pool enclosure covers back and forth, the riveted joints will definitely begin to be weak.

The whole process is never as straightforward as most people think.

swimming exercize

A family enjoying swimming together

By explaining everything about swimming pool enclosure to them, they will begin to appreciate the reasons why you have actually installed the screen enclosure.

Make them understand that the structure (pool enclosure) is actually installed for their own good.

Remember, it is until one begins to understand the benefits of screen enclosures that they will start to take good care of it.

Let them know about the safety, privacy and security concerns associated with pool enclosures without such covers.

Bottom line: When everyone is informed on the operational procedures and benefits of pool enclosures, they will handle it with a lot of care.

This will play an important role in ensuring safety of all pool users.

7. All Pool Users Should be Supervised

Don’t assume that everyone understand and acknowledges that fact a swimming pool can guarantee fan, but also, it can be a dangerous place.

This is one of those safety measures that the American Red Cross has noted that most people ignore.

family-jumping-in-pool - pool screen enclosure

A family enjoying swimming in an outdoor pool

Remember, we install screen pool enclosure to protect swimming pool and lives of pool users.

This is why you need to actively supervise swimming pool users.

Monitor how they open the pool enclosure to avoid mishandling.

pool enclosure model G

Again, this will also eliminate instances of drowning.

Just ensure that everyone knows how to swim before you allow them within the swimming pool environment.

Bottom line: Active supervision reduces chances of drowning in the pool by 97% while protecting the enclosure from mishandling.

8. No Climbable Objects of Extrusions on Your Pool Enclosure

There should be no climbable objects around the enclosure or on the entire structure itself.

This is the main reason why in all our enclosures, both the polycarbonate sheet and aluminum frame form a virtually flat surface.

This makes it impossible for one to climb on the screen enclosure surface.

shape of swimming pool enclosure

A virtually flat surface discourages climbing on the pool enclosure surface

Climbing on the screen enclosure surface will not only weaken the overall structure, but may also result in accidents, especially if fall from the surface to the ground.

Bottom line: There should be no object that one can grip to climb on the surface of the pool enclosure.

9. Put up a Sign Post Indicating Danger and Basic Instructions

It is human nature to forget at times.

You need to remind about the dangers of not following instructions.

A polycarbonate or acrylic sign post with relevant information will act as a reminder to them.

That is, it will remind them of all safety rules, thus, there will be no accidents.


A simple sign post used to direct pool users

Bottom line: A sign post will act as a reminder to all pool users.

They should be visible and written in bold letters.


Installing the most expensive screen pool enclosure is not enough.

You need to follow these 9 safety tips to avoid unnecessary accident.

Remember, as you do this, you will also be protecting your swimming pool.