Excelite is one of the fastest growing acrylic sheet manufacturers which offers a wide range of polycarbonate and acrylic products.

They are the well-known traders and suppliers of various acrylic and polycarbonate products in Shanghai,China.

Since its inception,this company has really revolutionized this industry by producing high end products which have been competing favorably in both the local and the international market.

All their products meet the international standards as far as safety and quality is concerned.They manufacture quite a number of acrylic sheets of different sizes and shapes.

They produce customized products too which can suit the specific needs of their customers.(check our plastic fabrications)

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Acrylic is a versatile material which is used to manufacture a wide range of products from consumer electronics, aircrafts, boats, cars etc.

It is a polymer which consist of giant carbon molecules but with qualities which resemble glass.It is transparent and bright however,its weight is almost half that of glass.

Additionally,and has a high impact resistance which is 10 times more than that of glass. In most cases, acrylic sheet manufacturers take it through series of process which are aimed at improving its intrinsic properties.

For instance,Excelite uses a number of coatings to improve its characteristics by making it solar reflective,scratch resistant, fog resistant and reducing glare amongst other processes.

At extremely high temperature,this polymer can be formed to any shape.


Acrylic is formed by reacting monomer with a catalyst. However, this does not imply that the catalyst becomes part of the final product – it doesn’t. 

Normally, this process produces three forms of acrylic: flat sheets,elongated shapes and molding powder.There are two main process which can be used to produce acrylic plastics: continuous and batch cell bulk polymerization.

In most cases, the batch cell bulk polymerization is commonly used due to the fact,it can easily be adapted to produce acrylic sheets.

In fact, a good number of acrylic sheet manufacturers use this technique in their manufacturing processes.


Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer warehouse


There are quite a number of acrylic sheet manufacturers in the market which make it nearly impossible to choose a reputable company which can provide quality products at reasonable prices.

This has been one key area where Excelite has invested a lot of its resources.This company offers some of the best bargains in all their products.

It is one of those companies which has been focusing on producing quality acrylic products.

Since this company takes quality assurance seriously,in 2002,they did setup their own quality assurance team who ensure that all their products meet the required standards.

In 2003,they established their own testing lab with various testing machines which is not the same scenario with quite a number of acrylic sheet manufacturers.

To get all your acrylic products which have been tailored to suit your requirements, you can contact their customer care representative.

They will avail to you all the necessary information you need about these products.All their products come with a warranty which is an assurance that the company is certain that all their products are of high quality.

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