Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse


Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse have become very popular in the recent past than other materials such as glass due to the following reasons:

They have better insulation properties


Heat retention is an essential aspect for better results to be realized from any greenhouse.

Polycarbonate (PC) are known to have better insulation properties.

Generally,plastics have excellent heat retention properties than the traditional glasses which were used to construct greenhouse.

Under normal circumstances,very small amount of heat can be lost through the roof of the greenhouse.

The polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting are manufactured with different types of walls to achieve varying insulation requirements.

The most common types of PC sheets are those with single and double walls. The twin-walled PC sheets have better insulation property due to the air spaces in between the walls.

twin wall polycarbonate sheet banner

They are durable

PCs can withstand impacts from hailstone or rocks without showing any signs of cracking or damage.

This makes them ideal for places which are prone to hailstones or children’s playground.They are stronger than glass hence, they can last for years before being replaced.

In addition to these, it is easier to replace the polycarbonate sheets than glass due to their flexibility and lightweight.

This is the main reason why you will find most companies having up to a 10 year warranty for a polycarbonate products.


Advanced UV protection and light diffusion

Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse guarantee better light diffusion which is important for growing plants.

Any material which do not have better light diffusion properties will cause burning effect within the greenhouse which is really disastrous.

With PC sheets,all areas within the greenhouse receive equal amount of light energy.

Furthermore, these materials have one of the best UV protection which filters out ultraviolet radiation. This implies that plants will be protected from these harmful radiations.



This is yet another essential aspect of Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse.

As a result,there are quite a number of greenhouses with different shapes and sizes.You should go for a modular designs since they offer a wide degree of flexibility.

With such designs, you will be able to fit the PCs anywhere in your garden.


polycarbonate greenhouse panels

Installing the polycarbonate greenhous is simple and takes a very short period of time thus, saving on labor costs.

If you are that kind of a person who like the do-it-yourself process, then this will be a perfect choice for your greenhouse.

Within a day,you can assemble the greenhouse since the process is not as delicate as that involved when installing glass greenhouses.


polycarbonate greenhouse


Excelite produces and sells some of the best polycarbonate greenhouse sheets which have proved to the most reliable for this essential agricultural equipment.

Their PC sheet products have been used to construct desert greenhouse in Gansu Province which features an 8mm hollow polycarbonate sheet.

They offer one of the best after sales services which has been one of the main reasons why they have a large base of loyal customers. You can request for their product catalogue where you will get a list of all products which are used to construct greenhouses.