Anti-scratch PMMA film


Excelite Anti-scratch Coating improved abrasion resistance and graffiti resistance on the surface of polycarbonate sheet or acrylic sheet, the sheet used for many years also like new.

Excelite Anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet has one side or both sides of UV coating to protect the sheets from turning yellow under outdoor environment.

Abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet offers 10 years quality guarantee. Excelite promise there is no breakage, no yellowness and no crack in 10 years.

Excelite Anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet also can prevent chemical attack and it’s very easy to clean and maintain. Adding an abrasion resistant hardcoating to your plastic part can extends the service life of your product, enhance your customers usage experience, and saves you from costly windows and visor replacement.

This product used very widely in many different industries, such as: bulletproof window, transparent visor, wind shield, face shield, machine hood,mobile phone protection screen and so on.

Material we can supply: Polycarbonate sheet, PMMA sheet
Thickness range: 0.125-12mm for polycarbonate sheet, 0.3mm-20mm for PMMA sheet
Size range: Max.Width: 2100mm Max. length: 3000mm

 Anti-sratch sheet Technical data


Product name:Anti scratch polycarbonate sheet
Size1200㎜×2400㎜ Thickness:1mm-12mm
Coating SpecificationAbrasion Resistance Hard Coating
Adhesion100% Cross hatch adhesion ASTM D3359
Coating Thickness3.0-8.0 Microns
OpticalpropertiesTransmittance%Up 8590.02Haze meterJIS K7105
Haze%Down 10.61
MechanicalpropertiesPencil hardnessHBHBPencil testerJIS K5400
Taber%Haze<9Surface resistance testerASTM D1044
Cross cut100/100100/100Cross cut test
Anti-scratchGoodGoodsteel wool #0000
Environment propertiesHigh temperatureOkExternal appearance :No change



Hardness : No change


Hot Water testOk
Thermal cyclingOk
ChemicalpropertiesDI WATER25℃, 24hrs dippingOkExternal appearance :No change



Hardness : No change


Methanol100cycle rubbingOk
Sulfuric acid (30%aq.)Ok