The enclosures for outdoor pools are important accessories that every homeowner should install.

This is because you will not worry about the season.

Be it winter or summer, you will still enjoy a good time in your pool.

You will be guaranteed of an extended swimming time.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

You need to choose the right swimming pool enclosure to enjoy all these benefits.

It will save you from unnecessary repair and maintenance cost.

But, what exactly am I talking about?

I know there are some people who have never seen a telescopic swimming pool enclosure before.

Don’t worry, I will make this telescopic pool enclosure guide simple and easy to understand.

You will get to learn everything about telescopic swimming pool enclosures.

What is a Telescopic Enclosure for Outdoor Pools?

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Have you come across this kind of structure before?

Well, this is a telescopic swimming pool enclosure.

We use the word “telescopic” to refer to the ability of the covers to slide into one another.

That is, cover “A” can slide into cover “B” and “B” to “C”.

By doing that, you will have a final structure that resembles this:

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

In short, this is an enclosed structure with that creates a micro-climate around the swimming pool.

Alternatively, you may refer to it as an equipment that provides “shelter” to swimming pool.

Parts of Enclosures for Outdoor Pools

Our standard telescopic enclosures have the following main sections:

Enclosure cover

All our covers are constructed from our high quality solid polycarbonate sheet.

During the process, we fabricate polycarbonate sheet to meet specific requirements of our end users.

Due to this, we are able to construct different styles and designs of roofs.

Enclosures for Outdoor Pools

A solid polycarbonate cover

Telescopic Enclosure Structural Panels

These structures are made from extruded aluminum rods.

This structure must be strong enough to withstand impact from various environmental conditions.

These may include snow or strong wind.

Enclosures for Outdoor Pools

Swimming pool enclosure frame

Most noteworthy, it is this structure that is responsible for the overall strength of the pool enclosure.

Moreover, it also determines the exact shape and design of the enclosure.

Vinyl Sweep

We have about 2-inch vinyl sweep that seals out drafts.

This protects the interior section of your telescopic enclosures for outdoor pools from dust, rain, insects or debris.


Excelite Plastics Ltd. makes all its telescopic swimming pool tracks from extruded aluminum rods.

This allows for smooth traction. You can open your swimming pool within minutes.

Enclosures for Outdoor Pools

Swimming pool rail tracking system

Basically, these are the key component of telescopic swimming pool enclosures.

Classification of Telescopic enclosures for outdoor pools

Normally, we classify our telescopic swimming pool enclosures based on a wide range of factors.

Maybe, for the purpose of this guide, I will focus on the most common designs.

These include:

Classification Based on Roof Design

This is the first classification criteria.

Quite a number of our pool enclosures have a circular or dome shape.

This description is based on the geometrical shape of the cover.

Below are some of the most common shapes:

Enclosures for Outdoor Pools

Types of roofing designs and styles

At times, you may opt to blend some of these shapes.

That is, you may have circular edge and mansard roof top.

Don’t forget that the complexity of the shape will determine the total cost of the pool enclosure.

Classification Based on Size

When it comes to size, we refer to three dimension – length, width and height.

Broadly, we have the high and low profile swimming pool enclosures.

You have to choose one that meets your specific requirements.

choose the swimming pool enclosure

In most cases, we recommend high profile swimming pool enclosures.

It is due to a wide range of possibilities it has to offer.

That is, you can easily decorate the telescopic swimming pool enclosure.

It is a sure way to make the pool, entertaining and lively.

Mode of Operation

You have two options here – manual and automatic telescopic enclosures for outdoor pools.

Manually operated are cheaper because you don’t have to pay for electricity bills.

They are also simple to operate and maintain.

The automatic telescopic pool enclosures depend on motor drives.

That is, you open and close the cover with the help of a motor.

This makes the system a little complicated.

They are also expensive to operate considering that these motors use electricity.

standard swimming pool enclosure

So, you should learn how to specify telescopic swimming pool enclosures based on:

  1. Size
  2. Type of material
  3. Roof design
  4. Mode of operation

Why do You Need Telescopic Enclosures for Outdoor Pools?

There are a number of reason why you need to buy telescopic enclosures for outdoor pools.

They include:

  1. Improve child safety – this is a requirement as per various by-laws in most states.
  2. Extended swimming season both during summer and winter
  3. 100% maintenance free – blocks dusts, insects, acid rain or plant parts.
  4. Protect pool from harmful UV radiation that decompose chemicals.
  5. Improves privacy – you can control those who use your swimming pool
  6. Maintain swimming pool temperature
  7. Blocks snow, strong wind and cold
  8. Improves property value
  9. Guarantees uninterrupted working out schedule
  10. Improve the aesthetic value of your outdoor.

For sure, you don’t have any reason not install the telescopic enclosures for outdoor pools.

With a pool enclosure, you will definitely enjoy your time with family is safe and secure pool.

Telescopic swimming pool enclosure

Kids playing games in swimming pool enclosure

Our enclosures also come with a door locking mechanism. This protects the swimming pool from any intrusion. This will basically give you a peace of mind at all times.

Where Can You Buy Telescopic Enclosures?

Excelite provides a one-stop shop for all your retractable swimming pool enclosure needs.

You can go for our standard designs or opt for customized shapes.

Just contact our technical team and we’ll help you get the right enclosure for your outdoor swimming pool.

The good thing is, you won’t incur unnecessary costs.

We shall ship the pool enclosure to your door step.


As you can see, the most fundamental aspects of a pool enclosure include: design, material, working principle and rood design.

There are so many options available that will meet your specific applications and needs.