Apparently,polycarbonate greenhouses are being used to replace the traditional greenhouse materials such as glass.They are available in a number of profiles which provide different environmental conditions within the greenhouse.

Building a polycarbonate greenhouse comes with the following key benefits:

1.Advanced insulation

Polycarbonate greenhouses offer better insulation than the traditional glass greenhouses.They can retain significant amount of heat with very small quantity being lost through the walls of the greenhouse cover.The modern greenhouses are being constructed with multi-wall polycarbonate sheets whose insulation properties are superior with other having a corrugated structure provides additional strength.


Polycarbonate panels are stronger than glass and they can withstand adverse climatic conditions as compared to other products such as glass and other plastic sheets.It is easier to maintain a polycarbonate greenhouse than glass greenhouses which also reduces the maintenance costs.A polycarbonate which has been treated with UV and anti-abrasion coating can last for more than 10 years.Within this period,they can still transmit maximum amount of light for plant growth.

3.They are shatter resistant

Polycarbonate panels can withstand high levels of impacts such as that from hailstones,strong wind or rocks.They neither break nor show any signs of damage.They are ideal for regions which experience hailstones or near children playground.

4.Light transmission

Building a polycarbonate greenhouse will require that one goes for those sheets which diffuse light to avoid sunburns. Plants grow well when the light is distributed evenly.This ensures that all sections of the plant receive maximum amount of light.These sheets are designed with ultraviolet radiation filter which protects the plant from excessive exposure to harmful radiations.

5.Extended growing season

Since plants have an extended growing season,farmers can get more from their plants in one growing season.Furthermore, they can also plant all year round since the environmental conditions of the greenhouse can be controlled.


The polycarbonate greenhouse sheets are available in a wide range of shapes and designs.They are available in corrugated,embossed and textured designs.They come in a wide range of sizes such as the modular designs.These designs allow farmers to customize the panels to suit their needs.


With all the required accessories,installing this equipment is so simple a process.It is possible to assemble everything within a day.This is not the case when it comes to the installation of glass which can take a very long time.This also attributed to delicate nature of glass.


Polycarbonates are more expensive than other greenhouse materials however,they can last for more than 10 years.On the other hand,the other products may not last for more than 2 years.This is clear indication that they offer a long term cost saving especially if one plans to invest in the greenhouse business.

It is evident that building a polycarbonate greenhouse has a lot of benefits as compared to other materials such as glass.It is these reasons that have contributed to its popularity in most agricultural work.