Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures can not only be built in luxury hotels, but also in your homes.Imagine how it could be and check below luxury house in ground  swimming pool from houzz.

inground swimming_pool

And if you are one of the people who are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool in the privacy of your own garden,

then I’m sure you will want to enjoy it as much as you can.and now it is not a dream,the cost of a garden swimming pool will be around 5000 usd,everyone can afford it.

Check below swimming pool with polycarbonate enclosure:

(this polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure price within $5000,great cost,isn’t it?)


swimming pool cover



Polycarbonate will provide a good  protection for your pool. Without a pool enclosure you will lose the use of your pool for half of the year during winter.

Check below swimming pool in winter,it looks horrible!

swimming pool cover in winter


A swimming pool enclosure will therefore provide you with all the protection you need and allow you to use your pool all year round without any problem.


swimming pool enclosure


Here are some of the reasons why I would recommend you to use a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures in your pool.

1.A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is very light and highly durable.

The polycarbonate sheets can put up with strong heat, storms and winds.

Therefore windy locations are no challenge to these sheets because they have sufficient strength. The polycarbonate sheet will not brake, fade or even change in colour.

These enclosures can be built comfortably in your compound.

And if you have kids around, you have nothing to worry about since they are made with durable materials and they can withstand toys being thrown at them without any scratch unlike those that are enclosed by glass.


polycarbonate solid sheet


2.Protection from unwanted climate.

It will enable you to use your pool all year round without problems such as wind, snow and rain.

You can be in your pool come raining or sunshine. You will be able to enjoy swimming in your pool in summer-like conditions even in winter months.

You will therefore be able to have fun as well as keep fit with swimming and water sports in your pool all year round. Without this enclosure you will not be able to use your pool due to poor weather conditions.


swimming pool enclosures

3.Energy saving.

Using polycarbonate pool enclosure will allow you to save energy.

The polycarbonate sheets that are used to make the pool enclosure are very clear and allow sufficient amount of sunlight to come through. Sunbeams that are dispersed in the atmosphere cause heating of the water and air in the enclosure.

The pool enclosure soaks up heat and then retains it so you won’t have to heat water as often. At night or even on cold cloudy days, the water and air cool down more slowly.

It will cut the amount you spend on heating water. This saves you money all year round because the cost of heating the water is greatly reduced.


swimming pool made of polycarbonate


4.The UV protection.

The outer surface of polycarbonate boards is covered in a high quality UV stabilization layer which absorbs the effects of harmful UV radiation.


5.Keep your pool clean all year round

Polycarbonate sheets will enable you to keep your pool clean as it will protect you from insects, leaves, dust and debris.

Using this enclosure in your swimming pool will keep the insects at bay. There will be no debris, leaves of dust entering water, meaning that the pool will be ready for use whenever you want to get in it.

Without this enclosure you will not be able to enjoy using your pool because you will waste a lot of time and money in cleaning and maintaining it.

swiming pool enclosure made of solid sheet


Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure adds additional attraction and elegance to your home or hotel and is very easy to use and install. If you purchase the panels you will have to spend less amount of time in constructing the enclosure.

Once the enclosure is installed it will last for a very long time to come. I therefore highly recommend that you consider a polycarbonate enclosure because as you can see, the benefits associated with it are limitless.

So now it’s your turn,tell us the size of your swimming pool,let us make your swimming pool enclosures,just click here to contact Excelite support team.