When we talk the best materials for dome covers for swimming pools, we focus on two sections:

  1. Pool enclosure frame
  2. Cover

Structural Member of Dome Covers for Swimming Pools

The design of dome covers structural member from an important classification criteria.

Depending on the dome cover design idea you opt for, the aluminum rods can be fabricated to meet your specifications.

pool dome enclosure

A swimming pool dome cover

Aluminum is the primary material used to make the structural members or frames of a dome pool covers.

Aluminum has a lightweight, durable, strong and corrosion resistant.

Moreover, the fact that we can fabricate aluminum rods makes it possible to achieve different shapes and designs.

dome covers

Types of roofing designs

Normally, the metal is used to construct both the base and the top section.

The amount of aluminum rod used will obviously determine the price of the enclosure.

Complex designs require a lot of metal that makes it very expensive to construct.

This is actually the main reason why most people go for simple designs.

The Material Used to Cover The Pool Enclosure

With a strong structural member, now you need to get a quality and reliable material for the cover.

As a general rule, you need to assess every material based on its quality and benefits.

That is, will it:

  1. Block all harmful UV radiations
  2. Conserve swimming pool water heat
  3. Provide required privacy
  4. Impact resistant, etc.

In short, the material of choice must fulfill a specific criteria that will guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

Choosing the right dome covers for swimming pool seems to be a challenge due to the number of substandard materials available in the market.

Thus, you have to purchase these products from reputable companies.

These materials include:

Vinyl material

Vinyl is by far one of the most popular material used in this industry.

It is by far the most popular material used in the industry.

It is heavy, making it a perfect choice for large domes.

dome covers

                                                              Types of vinyl material

With the vinyl dome covers for swimming pool, you will definitely achieve the following:

  1. Convert your swimming pool into outdoor/indoor.
  2. Extend your swimming season during winter when it is extremely cold.
  3. Helps to heat water and air around the swimming pool, thus saving on energy costs.
  4. Protect swimming pool water from debris, grass, insects and tree leaves. This makes swimming pool 100% maintenance free.

This enclosure also features a unique dome design where the cover comes with zippered windows and doors.

The number of doors and windows will depend on the size of the dome cover for swimming pools.

For example, a 24 inch above the ground round swimming pool may require 1 door and 3 windows.

These windows and doors are designed with a standard screen flap.

This will possibly allow fresh air to flow within the pool while keeping the annoying bugs and insects away.

Polycarbonate material used to construct dome covers for swimming pools.

In the recent past, a number of swimming pool enclosure manufacturing companies have started using polycarbonate sheets for dome covers.

Polycarbonate sheets are popularly used for retractable swimming pool enclosures.

Polycarbonate is impact resistant, strong and durable.


Generally, extruded aluminum rods and vinyl material are the most popular materials used to construct dome covers for a swimming pool enclosure.

They are available in both standard and custom designs.