I know everyone craves to get the best deal for a retractable swimming pool cover in the market.

That is, purchase and ultimately install a retractable swimming pool covers at an affordable price.

dismantle the old swimming pool enclosure

Construction work in progress

The truth is, your decision will still depend on the law of supply and demand.

That is, high demand for swimming pool covers when there is a low supply will definitely push the prices up.

In short, this makes planning an integral part of a swimming pool enclosure budgeting process.

So, what should you do?

Timing is crucial in this process. You need to buy retractable swimming pool covers when the demand is slightly low and supply is high.

During this time, a number of swimming pool manufacturing companies will offer discounts or rebates on their products.

This will also the same scenario when it comes to hiring a swimming enclosure contractor.

When Should You Install a Retractable Swimming Pool Cover?

You can swim anytime as time of the year so long as an environment within your swimming pool is favorable.

The main purpose of installing a swimming pool cover is to control the environment around the swimming pool.

That is, making it conducive all year round.

First, you need to pay attention to the following main seasons:

During Summer

The weather is relatively warm, making swimming more favorable.

During this time, a lot of people tend to spend most of their time swimming.


A family enjoy swimming during summer

Installing a swimming pool during this time is always very expensive.

This is due to the high demand, which starts during spring.

In contrary, since heat from the sun is enough to keep the swimming pool water warm, most people tend to open their retractable swimming pool cover.

In fact, some don’t cover it completely.

This implies, installing retractable swimming pool covers towards the end of spring and early summer is a good idea.

There are chances you will get better deals. This is because of low demand for covers as the weather is warm.

During Winter

Unlike summer, winter is associated with cold weather and at times, there is snow.

Swimming pool water is extremely cold. No one wishes to swim during this time of the year.

In fact, people begin to avoid swimming pools during fall and winter.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

For this reason, fall and early winter are considered the best time to install a swimming pool.

Since few people will be using this facility, the swimming pool construction costs go down.

It is due to lower demands.

On the other hand, people who already own swimming pools would wish to protect them from harsh winter weather.

Therefore, the cost of retractable swimming pool covers is very high.

This is due to high demand.

Therefore, timing is crucial when you’re planning to install swimming pool covers.

As you can see, the cost of swimming pools and enclosures tend to be somehow opposite.

Even if you hire a company to do the work within a particular season (winter or summer); they will balance these aspects.


The demand for retractable swimming pool covers is low during spring and summer.

Thus, the possibility of getting a fair deal is higher compared to the end of fall and during winter.