It is crucial to adopt a reliable cleaning and maintenance process that will ensure the anti-scratch coating on polycarbonate sheet remains intact at all times. Remember, all polycarbonate products are designed to last for  years.

Cleaning is an important care and maintenance procedure. Thus, it is important to adopt an approved cleaning procedure. This is the only sure way to ensure both polycarbonate sheet and the coating do not get damaged during the cleaning process.

As we all know, polycarbonate sheet may undergo several treatments to improve its performance. It may have anti-fog coating, UV-resistant treatment  etc.

For this reason, you may require a special cleaning process. More importantly, you need to choose cleaning detergents that are compatible with polycarbonate sheets. This is the only sure way to increase the service life of anti-scratch coated polycarbonate sheet.

Polycarbonate Sheet Cleaning Procedure

twin wall polycarbonate sheet

You need to follow this simple cleaning procedure. It will help you clean the polycarbonate sheet within a short period of time without damaging the surface of polycarbonate sheet and the anti-scratch coating.

Quite a number of people tend to assume that with an anti-scratch coating, one can use any abrasive materials to clean the surface. This is not the case. Using abrasive material or cleaning detergent may damage both polycarbonate surface and the coating.

The cleaning process involves this simple procedure:

  1. Inspect the entire surface of polycarbonate sheet in an attempt to familiarize yourself with the type of stains you need to clean. This will help you choose the right detergents and prepare effectively for the process.
  2. Rinse the polycarbonate sheet with lukewarm water. This will remove dust and any temporary oily stains on the surface of polycarbonate sheet.
  3. Wash the polycarbonate sheet with mild soap and lukewarm water. Under normal circumstances, this should remove a greater percentage of oily stains and dust. However, there are those stains that may require scrubbing.
  4. You should use either a sponge or a soft cloth and scrub the surface of the polycarbonate sheet gently. This should be an up and down motion. Do it in the same direction as the flutes. Do not apply excessive force to the surface.
  5. Rinse the entire surface with lukewarm water.
  6. With a clean sponge, dry the surface to prevent the possibility of water spotting.

With this simple procedure, you should be able to clean a polycarbonate surface within the shortest times possible.

At times, mild soap may not be enough thus, you can opt for other cleaning detergents. Here is what you need to know:

Cleaning detergents compatible with polycarbonate sheets


The following cleaning detergents have been tested and approved to be compatible with polycarbonate sheets. They include:

  1. Freon TF
  2. Palmolive
  3. Brillianze
  4. Soap

Apart from these, you need to adhere to the cleaning procedure that your manufacturer recommends. As a matter of fact, all polycarbonate products come with a warranty and failure to adhere to the manufacturers’ instructions will make the warranty invalid.

Other than cleaning, you need to store all materials manufactured from polycarbonate sheet in a safe place. This is to avoid any mechanical damage to the polycarbonate sheet with an anti-scratch coating.


Cleaning is an important care and maintenance procedure of polycarbonate sheets with anti-scratch coating. It is the only sure way to increase the service lifespan of any product manufactured from polycarbonate sheet.