Excelite Plastics Ltd., the main Chinese swimming pool enclosure supplier has just taken a new dimension in the multi-wall polycarbonate panels manufacturing industry.

Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet for swimming pool enclosure

Setting up a new company to operate concurrently as their main plant was unexpected. Sources from the company indicate that this has been due to the high demand for the polycarbonate swimming pool cover in the European, Australian and the American market.

For decades, Europe has been known as one of those regions importing quite a number of its swimming pool products from the U.S.A and also many in CZ.

Attention has also focused more on the Chinese market considering that a good number of multinational swimming pool companies manufacture their products in China.

This is an advantage the Excelite Plastics Ltd. will focus on. It also explains why their products are are a great price. Talk of pool covers, heating pumps, heating systems, etc. you’ll get all of them from Excelite stores.

equipments for swimming pool

How the European market will benefit

Assembly costs

This is a crucial aspect and most end users spend about 17% more on this process. This Chinese swimming pool enclosure supplier ships their products fully assembled, unless the customer states otherwise. This reduces the cost of labor required during the installation process.

Quality polycarbonate sheets

This company has been in the multi-wall polycarbonate manufacturing industry for over a decade. All these years, the company has been working on improving the quality of these products.

They have set up their own quality testing laboratory in Shanghai, China. The new production plant will have a testing laboratory too.

quality testing laboratory of Excelite

These sheets are manufactured from the finest raw materials. This has been the main reason why Excelite offers over 10 years warranty.

raw materials of Excelite

Saving energy costs

Excelite’s multi-wall polycarbonate sheets harness the sun’s energy to achieve both optimal solar gain and energy performance.

They can generate sufficient amount of energy during winter while blocking the ultraviolet radiation during summer. This balance results in significant cost saving.

UV Coating

This solar gain can increase both the water and air temperature within the swimming pool by about 39%. This implies that the pool users may not require the heating and ventilation systems. With these, you should expect to reduce the energy cost by about 47 to 75 percent.

These products are designed to reduce the evaporation of the swimming pool water. This reduces the amount of heat and water lost during the process.

Early this year, Excelite conducted a research on this particular issue. At times there could be an increase in temperature by about 6.1F. That is, the temperature difference between the swimming pool water and atmospheric air.

This can result in significant loss of water, which could be costly to the pool owners. That is, a 20 by 40 swimming pool can lose about 25 gallons of water every day. On the other hand, a 14 by 25 pool may lose about 10 gallons/day.

swimming pool enclosure

It is quite clear that, the bigger the pool, the higher the quality of water being lost. This is one of the main reasons why commercial pools should have a swimming pool cover. These covers will isolate the pool from the external environment.

Reduced maintenance costs

Excelite recommends polycarbonate sheets because they are 200 times stronger than glass. They can resist the highest degree of impact force.

Moreover, their pool structure is constructed using aluminum rods and profiles. This is a strong metal, which is resistant to corrosion. Thus, no more worries about rust or the cover breaking.

swiming pool enclosure made of solid sheet

Such covers will require minimal maintenance costs. Using a jet of water, it’s easier to keep the swimming pool cover clean throughout the year. This Chinese swimming pool enclosure supplier also recommends certain maintenance procedures.

Excelite is one of those Chinese companies investing in the pool cover construction industry. It is one of the leading suppliers with over 2,000 plus pools covers having been installed in Europe alone.

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