The question of when and where construct a pool dome is common in most forums.

It is time I should make this point clear.

Pool Dome of swimming pool

As a matter of fact, just like the retractable or screened pool enclosures, there are a number of factors that determine the best time to buy or construct a dome pool enclosure.

It is prudent that you consider this as you budget for a new pool enclosure.

I will respond to these questions in two distinct sections. Here we go:

When Should You Construct Swimming Pool Dome Enclosures?

The law of demand and supply plays an integral here.

That is, when the demand for pool domes is low, in a market that is over supplied, then expect the prices to be low.

On the other hand, when the demand for these pool enclosures is high with a low supply, then prices will go up.

Screen pool enclosure - law of supply and demand - Pool Dome

Graph showing law of supply and demand

Of course, that is what we expect and we should play by that simple rule.

However, that alone may not be enough.

Remember, installing retractable pool enclosures is quite demanding more that dome pool enclosures.

Due to this, people will always opt for dome enclosures during winter, especially for those who cannot afford the retractable pool enclosure prices.

In winter, there is too much cold, which can also be accompanied by snow.

For people who own outdoor swimming pools, this becomes a crucial time to install pool domes.

swimming pool cover in winter - Pool Dome

Devastating effects of snow on outdoor swimming pool

The point is, as spring ends, the weather becomes favorable for swimming.

Generally, the weather is relatively warm. In fact, no one if thinks of installing pool dome enclosures.

During, summer, even those with pool enclosures open them to enjoy the natural heat from the sun.

Though at times, in regions that is extremely hot, the enclosure will still be necessary to protect both the pool swimmers from harsh radiation from the sun.

For a fact, demand for pool enclosures is normally low during this time.

Therefore, you can get a better deal.

On the other hand, the pool enclosures are always very expensive during the fall.

Remember, during this time, we are transitioning from warm to extremely cold season.

Therefore, every pool owner will be rushing to get an enclosure.

As a matter of fact, the demand is very high and it may be impossible to get the best bargain.

This is actually the same scenario when you want to determine the best time to buy retractable enclosures.

Bottom line: If you can shop for dome pool enclosures towards the end of spring or during summer, chances are that you may get a better deal.

Where Should You Install Dome Pool Covers?

Of course, this is a straight forward question.

Dome pool enclosures can be installed around and swimming pool.

That is, be in in-ground or above the ground swimming pool enclosure.

pool dome

Above the ground swimming pool

Get this point clear, there are no restrictions as to where you should install your dome pool enclosures.

All you need is to get a quality pool cover from a reputable swimming pool enclosure supplier and go ahead to install it.

For a fact, you will have to prepare your swimming pool deck to ensure that it is strong enough to support the weight of the dome enclosure.

That is, you may need to reinforce the pool deck.

Again, for above the ground swimming pools, you must ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the dome enclosure.

At times, you may need to reinforce the swimming pool wall.

As I conclude this, maybe I should have a quick recap on the following key issues:

  1. Materials used to construct pool dome enclosures

Normally, the structure is constructed using extruded aluminum rods.

They are strong, durable, resistant to corrosion and flexible.

That is, you can fabricate aluminum to form perfect curves without breaking or losing its strength.

In most cases, swimming pool enclosure manufacturers opt for vinyl material.

Of course, it is strong and also, protect the swimming pool from snow or bad weather.

However, they are not as strong as a solid polycarbonate sheet.

So, you may opt for dome pool enclosures with polycarbonate sheet.

damage swimming pool dome

A damaged pool dome

  1. Price of pool dome

Prices vary with size and complexity of the design.

However, they are cheaper that the retractable swimming pool enclosures.

They may cost between $399 and $1,899.

Unlike retractable polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures that are available from $2,999.

choose the swimming pool enclosure

But, the question is, should you put price first or quality?

Quality is should be key whenever you are shopping around for a pool enclosure.

Even though dome pool enclosures are quite affordable, they may not:

  • Last for 25 years plus
  • Convenient
  • Strong enough to resist strong wind and load


Well, you should buy pool dome at the end of spring or during summer since the possibility of getting affordable rates is high due to low demand.

Again, you can also install the dome enclosures around any swimming.

However, when it comes to weighing option between pool dome and retractable enclosures, they latter is suitable for any weather condition.

This is due to high strength and robust nature.