Swimming pool enclosure systems have never been this popular.

But, why is it so?

Everyone would wish to create a micro climate around their swimming pools.

This could be due to the unpredictable weather conditions.

pool enclosure model G

Moreover, swimming pool owners’ demands are not just about controlling weather conditions, but also, to have eye-catching systems that become a focal point on their outdoors.

standard swimming pool enclosure

Should you go larger or smaller designs? What about the pool enclosure material; which one is the best?

Well, this is what this article will try to expound on.

There are so many designs out there. It will depend on your preference.

That is, whether you need:
1. Small size (3m by 6m)
2. Medium size (4m by 8m), or
3. Large size (5m by 10m)

You will definitely get one that meets your requirements – whether it is based on aesthetics, design, budget or performance.

Let’s be clear on one simple aspect.

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

To own a unique swimming pool enclosure design, you must be very creative.

All that matters is the recommended safety requirements – it must fulfill all local and international safety standards.

Polycarbonate or glass swimming pool enclosures?

Well, polycarbonate is the only reliable material you can trust for this essential equipment in 2017.

Material forms an integral part of a swimming pool enclosure.

Ideally, polycarbonate sheets offer the following key advantages:

1. Superb impact strength – they can withstand a 900kg distributed load within a radius of 1.5m.

2. Excellent flexural strength – it is possible to fabricate polycarbonate sheet to any shape, depending on the design of your swimming pool enclosure.

It could be triangular, circular or any other shape that you may imagine of.

3. High light transmission (more than 90%) and it can be tinted depending on customer requirements.

4. Lightweight – easy to handle and reduces overall construction and design costs.

5. Filters damaging UV radiations – no sun burns when you’re in the swimming pool.

6. High temperature tolerance (-40°C to +130°C) – making polycarbonate a perfect choice for outdoor swimming pool enclosures.

polycarbonate advantages

Swimming pool enclosure frame

For all your designs, you should consider aluminum as a perfect material for this structure.

The benefits of aluminum structure include:

1. Durable profile.
2. Light weight
3. Corrosion resistance, hence, not affected by moisture.
4. High return on investment (ROI).
5. Flexible thus, it can be fabricated to meet specific design requirements.

Having mentioned these two integral design components, maybe, it’s time to consider the kind of environment you would wish to create within the swimming pool enclosure.


outdoor swimming pool enclosures

You may consider the following:

1. Give it a natural look – you may incorporate plants around the deck or fruit trees.

This will make environment not only to have a natural look, but also, it will filter air around the pool.

2. Retractable designs – open it during hot weather and close it during cold weather.

This not only brings bout flexibility, but also a cost savings aspect.

3. Think of traditional designs – you may incorporate a waterfall may enhance the beauty around the swimming pool.

In short, there are so many design options that you may consider.

More importantly, you need to discuss your idea with a reputable swimming pool enclosure fabrication company.

They will help you to figure out some of the best designs.