Decorating a screen pool enclosure has no limits.

You can transform the space within the swimming pool enclosure to a relaxing, comfortable and entertaining environment.

Basically, the decoration process is only limited to your imagination.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Have you imagined transforming your pool enclosure to this:

There are so many ways to tweak the pool enclosure interior.

For people who are creative, this never a problem.

They can come up with unique features, artistic work or designs of their choice.

But still, if you are not creative, there are several swimming pool decoration ideas online.

Select one and customize it to meet your specifications.

Let’s look at top 4 swimming pool enclosure decoration ideas you may consider:

1. Be Yourself – What Do You Like or Love?

This is where the decoration process starts.

Before you even think of that luxurious swimming pool you see every day on your television, focus on what makes you happy.

You need to fulfill your inner desires first before anything else.

After all, decorating a swimming pool enclosure is all about being at peace with yourself.

The ability to make you feel at home and contented.

May be you need to ask yourself some simple questions:

Do you love plants?


Transforming swimming screen enclosures

If yes, include them in your swimming pool enclosure.

This should be your favorite plants or flowers.

Do you swimming pool with complete dining table and chair?

screen pool enclosure

Including a complete dining table can transform a pool enclosure

Well, why don’t you try it out?

The bottom line is, your screen pool enclosure decoration process should start with full filling your personal needs.

Basically, you must be very specific.

2. Which Are The Most Trending Designs?

No one wishes to be left behind when it comes to swimming pool enclosure decoration.

It doesn’t matter whether is modern rustic or neo-traditional.

It is all about what people crave to own within a specific time-frame.

You can browse through the various designs on Houzz Website.

There are quite a number of modern swimming enclosure decoration ideas.

This will help you to adjust the swimming pool enclosure to be at par with the modern trends.

Mansard roof design

You may consider a mansard roof design with plant around it

You can easily realize that contemporary or classy backyard, you have always dreamt of.

For a fact, this never a simple process as many may think.

In fact, looking at this superficially may seem to be a day’s work.

Remember, you need to balance every element you intend to include to ensure they blend well.

3. Don’t Forget to Budget

Decorating screen pool enclosures can be costly.

This will depend on the mood you want to create within the swimming pool.

Some decorations may cost as low as $200.

Others may cost over $1,000.

So, you need to learn how to budget for the swimming pool decoration project.

Don’t opt for a luxurious lifestyle, but, in the real sense, you can’t afford it.

4. Get Inspired to Decorate Your Swimming Pool Enclosure

Without inspiration, all your efforts will be futile.

You should read various swimming pool decoration blogs and forums.

Get to know what other people think about a design.

More importantly, how they intend to improve on it is really important.

A unique interior is what most swimming pool owners’ desire.

To achieve this, you should be able to blend other people’s opinion with what you have.


Decorating a screen pool enclosure requires creativity and being open minded.

Be ready to share ideas and try them out.

Again, expensive is not tantamount to a good design.

It is all about connecting ideas that transform the overall mood and environment within the swimming pool enclosure.