It goes without saying that swimming is a rewarding exercise since it makes room for an overall workout and keeps you healthy and hearty, more so when you are swimming daily.

Owning a backyard pool indeed allows the entire family a lot of freedom, much more than simply jumping in and out of the water whenever one wants to.


If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you get a wonderful place for a convenient family get together, be it at weekends, vacations or any other time.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Backyard swimming pools which have enclosures offer you and your family with more scope for enjoyment since they provide a number of added benefits.

You may think a swimming pool enclosure to be an unnecessary addition but the benefits that the enclosure offers will definitely make you think twice.

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The Advantages of Having a Pool Enclosure

The backward pool may become useless in extreme climates, leading you to consider that the pool is just a waste of space.

However, pools with enclosures can be used throughout the year.

They also have the following benefits:

Brings down chemical exposure

If you own a pool in your backyard, you must have faced the dilemma of reaching the proper chemical balance in the pool waters.

On one hand, excessive use of chemicals leads to mouth and eye irritation, and on the other hand, inadequate chemical use may trigger bacterial growth, thereby making the waters cloudy.

Given this, if there is a swimming pool enclosure, the exposure to pathogens, pollutants and phosphates is brought down which in turn reduces the requirement of chemicals.


Maintains your health

How about spending some family time in your own backyard throughout the year without worrying about the extremities of the weather?

You can always beat the cold weather blues that are waiting to get the better of you by continuing your swimming exercise while being at home.

An enclosure will ensure that you are taking a dip at similar temperatures every day; hence there is no need to adjust your body every time you swim.

Being at home with your family reduces mental stress and at the same time, by engaging in water exercises you can improve your circulation and reduce your body tension.

swimming exercize

Creates a wonderful outdoor living room

Thinking of chilling out with your family even during the cooler months without having to move out far from your home?

Spending time in the backyard pool is the best way to do it!By buying a quality enclosure and fitting it with HVAC capabilities, electrical system and insulation, you can create a convenient living room atmosphere that will keep the warm air intact and do away with the harmful UV rays.

Premier companies like Excelite offer products that come in small size, medium size as well as large size as per the area of your pool.

Apart from the size, the enclosures are also available in colors that gel well with the aesthetics of your house.


Brings down your risk

When you have a swimming pool enclosure, you reduce your liability for pool injuries.

If there is an enclosure, trespassers cannot have access to the pool water and moreover, chances of accidents will be reduced to a great extent.

An enclosure will definitely cover the pool decks and keep them heated.

Therefore, you will not face the problem of slippery or icy areas near the pool when the winter season arrives.

swimming pool enclosure prevent pool injures

Makes you and your family more secure

If you simply cover your pool, it will help in keeping out the cold weather and the debris, but a proper pool enclosure will also prevent wild animals and insects from interfering with your family time in the backyard pool.

Moreover, a secure pool enclosure in your backyard will keep you safe from unauthorized access by intruders or unwanted guests.

swimming pool cover

An enclosure can lower your maintenance cost to a considerable extent.

Also, it enhances the beauty quotient and makes the ambience more serene and calm giving you the perfect mood for private family time.

What Makes Polycarbonate Enclosures the Best Option?

The first polycarbonate sheet manufactured in China was in the year 2001, and Excelite was the company behind this manufacturing.

Being the most experienced manufacturer of polycarbonate, Excelite knows how durable a polycarbonate sheet is.

clear polycarbonate panels

This is all the more important so far as a backyard swimming pool is concerned because you have to protect it from wind, storms and scorching heat.

Therefore, even if your house is in a windy location, you will not face any problem because the swimming pool enclosure has adequate strength to deal with such situations.

The sheet will neither fade away nor break.

When you are enjoying some time at your backyard pool with your family, it is more likely that you will have kids around.

If your enclosure is made of glass, kids might break it by throwing toys or any other items.

However, if the enclosures are made of polycarbonate materials, they become resistant to such attacks.

uv_protection for polycarbonate sheet

Another reason why polycarbonate is extremely popular as an enclosure material is that it remains in its usual form all through the year and hence you can enjoy swimming or engage in water sports whenever you want to.

Poor weather will not prevent you and your family from having a gala time.

You would also be surprised to know the reduction in your energy bills that is possible with installation of polycarbonate enclosures.

The sheets allow adequate amount of sunlight to make its way to the pool, causing the air and the water within the enclosure to become naturally heated.

This brings down the amount of money you spend in heating the water.

cost down

So, with all the wonderful advantages that a pool enclosure brings, it’s high time you gift yourself and your family an enclosure from a renowned company like Excelite.

Look through the product range available and ask for a quote according to the size of your swimming pool.

Let the experts install it for you and add elegance to your backyard!