The anti-riot helmet is an important equipment which offers a total coverage of the user’s head.

It has been designed to protect the head against liquids,chemicals and mechanical impact which are used during riots.

Generally,these helmets are manufactured using polycarbonate panels which are resistant to impact,inorganic acids,organic acids and water.

They are also self-extinguishing.These helmets are used by law enforcement agencies and military officers to protect their heads,eyes and ears during riot control.

The modern helmets not only feature the inherent properties of polycarbonate resins, but also advanced technologies which ensure that the helmet has a longer service life and remain safe at all times.

This may include making it scratch resistant and protecting it from UV radiation.

The existing anti-riot helmets have the following key features:

  • A shell which has been constructed from polycarbonate
  • A suspension system
  • Polycarbonate visor
  • Neck protector
  • An adjustable visor and visor attaching element.


All helmets are designed in such a way that all its users should remain safe no matter the circumstances at hand.

This may include fire outbreak where they should be self-extinguishing,easy to remove incase the situation at hand requires that one has to remain safe etc.There are certain specified standards which every anti-riot helmet should meet.

motorcycle anti riot helmets



The Technical Characteristics of Anti-riot Helmets


The helmets’ shell


Anti-riot Helmet


The shell is constructed from polycarbonate. Normally the polycarbonate materials are used due to their excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

For instance,these materials are durable and are impact resistant.

Under normal circumstances,the helmets are used to prevent mechanical damage which is brought about by high impact.

Various tests have indicated that polycarbonates are flexible materials with high capacity to absorb impact. Furthermore,they are resistant to most solvents and the ever fluctuating environmental conditions such as temperature.

From the polycarbonate shell,hole can be drilled where washers can be fixed to hold movable parts such as the helmet visor.

It is this outer shell which protects the inner section of the helmet thus, ensuring that the users are safe at all times.


The neck protector


neck protector


The neck protector has the following key features:

1.Press fasteners which are used to either fasten or release the helmet

2.An inner protective and external coating. This ensures that the anti-riot helmet does not make you feel uncomfortable when it is being used.

3.The neck protectors perform two main functions; they protect the back of the head and ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

4.They are designed in such a way that the head can also move freely within the helmet.They can be removed for either washing or replacement if there is need.


The inner shell

inner shell of helmet

Normally,the head rests in the inner shell of the helmet.

This inner shell adhere perfectly on the outer shell of the helmet from inside.As much as the outer shell which is made from polycarbonate will be absorbing the impact.

The inner shell also aids in absorbing the amount of mechanical impact which shall have penetrated through the outer shell.

The inner shell has some elements of polystyrene and polycarbonate just to ensure that no mechanical impact is transmitted to the user’s head.

A number of polycarbonate helmets are designed with about three longitudinal grooves within the inner shell. These grooves ensure that there is proper ventilation so that the user may not suffocate. They are designed with fasteners which are mostly located on the front and back section.

The inner shell has a comfort liner which consist of an anti-perspiration material. This material has a high breathability.

Under normal circumstances,when you are trying to control riots,you will tend to use a lot of energy thus, in case the supply of air will be limited then you are likely to collapse during the process.


Adjustable visor

A number of anti-riot helmets which are used by either military or law enforcement officers have adjustable visors.

The visors are made from a polycarbonate sheet of about 3 mm thick.

This is due to the superb optical characteristics of polycarbonates. As a matter of fact,the 3 mm thick polycarbonate sheet guarantee a perfect vision without any form of image distortion.


You will be able to view all images from any angle but still, be able to see a perfect image.

In most cases,the visor is designed in such a way that it can be able to protect the face region all through to the chin. It can also stay intact to the shell even when it is exposed to severe impacts.


Anti-riot Helmet 1

The visors have a securing system.

This system protects the visor from being raised unless the user of the helmet decides to raise it intentionally. To ensure that the polycarbonate panel which has been used to construct the visor remains efficient throughout its entire service life

They are UV protected which ensures that they do not turn yellow.

Additionally, the outer surface is coated with scratch-resistant coating since polycarbonate are not scratch resistant.

The inner section is coated anti-fog coating. All these processes ensure that the helmet user has a clear vision at all times.

Apart from protecting the head from blunt force, fragmentation threats and chemicals,this equipment is generally light.

A larger section of these helmets are constructed using polycarbonates which are generally light.

Therefore,you will not feel like your head has some load.

polycarbonate panels for anti riot helmet

A number of helmets which are available in the market have been craft with the modern technology which ensures that the users are fully protected from any potential attack.

Some of the modern anti-riot helmets feature:

  • A neck protector which is also flame resistant
  • Multi-layer flame resistant outer shell which is self-extinguishing
  • Inner lining with superior shock absorption capabilities
  • Anti-bacterial and flame resistant inner lining which can be removed easily for both cleaning and replacement
  • Visor with anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV light protection.

These helmets come in a wide range of sizes.

You can visit any online store where you can purchase these helmets to avoid injuries.

Before you purchase any of these items, you must ensure that they have been approved to meet all the necessary safety standards.


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