Excelite Plastics Ltd. is one of the telescopic pool enclosure manufacturers that offers a 15 year warranty.

This is for both solid polycarbonate sheets and extruded aluminum rods.

standard swimming pool enclosure

Throughout the telescopic swimming pool enclosure manufacturing process, we follow strict guidelines that guarantee quality in every aspect.

It is for this reason that you can enjoy the benefits of pool enclosures.

That is, extended swimming season, security, safety, privacy and cost saving, just to mention a few.

At any given time, we strive to transform your swimming pool area by using innovative designs and solutions.

You can enjoy an indoor experience in an outdoor swimming pool.

This is because we have a wide range of pool enclosure options.

Whether high or low profile, gable or dome shaped, etc.

It’s upon you to choose one that meets your objectives.

importing swimming pool enclosure kits from China

We design telescopic pool enclosures for any swimming pool – whether a regular or irregular shape

So, how do we ensure all telescopic pool enclosures are manufactured to the right standard and design?

1. Quality Design of Telescopic Pool Enclosures at All Stages

As you can see, we have swimming pool enclosures of different designs.

It will depend on whether you need a standard or customized design.

Model G

In our manufacturing process, we focus on the following key attributes:

  1. Easy to use – you can open and close the telescopic cover effortlessly. It should also be easy to maintain. This will save you from unnecessary expenses.
  2. Unique guiding system – track is constructed from quality aluminum rods. They are durable and reliable.
  3. Different roof designs – you can choose a geometrical shape of choice.
  4. Height of the enclosure – either high or low profile telescopic enclosure.

In short, for Excelite team, every detail of the design matters a lot.

Be it the curves or joints.

They are refined with great care to ensure consistency in every section of the enclosure.

retractable swimming pool enclosures model C

Furthermore, the telescopic swimming pool enclosure design is a rigorous exercise.

Normally, every part must be tested to ensure they conform to the ASTM and ANSI standards.

It is an important step in quality manufacturing process.

2. Investing in Innovative Solutions for Pool Enclosure Systems

What distinguishes Excelite Plastics Ltd. from other swimming pool enclosure manufacturing companies are the innovative solutions.

Through this, we have achieved quite a lot in terms of:

  1. Reliability
  2. Durability
  3. Safety
  4. Functionality

Basically, these are what every homeowner will be looking forward to achieve whenever they plan to install swimming pool enclosure.

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

Our research and development team works around the clock to ensure all the telescopic pool enclosures meet industry standards.

This is both for swimming pool enclosure safety and performance.

Rarely will you find a pool enclosure than can serve you for more than 25 years.

Well, for us, this is something that is possible and practical.

Let’s take a look at some of our innovative solutions in the swimming pool enclosure industry:

Fixed pool enclosures

This is a perfect choice for large pool enclosures or dome enclosures.

This means, the covers cannot slide back and forth.

They are available in different designs and polycarbonate tints.

This is basically a large structure that takes the shape of a “large house”.

You can install anything you want in this enclosure.

That is, be it chairs, plants, flowers or beds. You can read about swimming pool enclosure design ideas.

Patio Enclosure

A fixed swimming pool enclosure

Retractable pool enclosures/telescopic pool enclosures

You can move/slide the cover back and forth, depending on the weather condition.

This implies, you can have an outdoor or indoor environment at any time of the day.

It all depends on your preferences.

Swimming pool enclosures imported from China

A retractable swimming pool enclosure

All these features high quality technology, where all materials are tested to meet industry standards.

All sections fit perfectly over each other, thus, sealing the pool completely from the external environment.

That is, when the cover is completely closed, no dust will enter the pool.

Moreover, to improve their performance, each material is subjected to different kinds of treatment.

That is:

Aluminum rods can be subjected to a wide range of treatments such as:

  1. Anodizing
  2. Powder coating
  3. Chemical treatment
  4. Lamination
  5. Painting, etc.

On the other hand, solid polycarbonate sheet may have:

  1. Anti-UV filters
  2. Anti-scratch treatment

For a fact, these are some of the main reasons why we are the leading manufacturers and supplier of telescopic swimming pool enclosures.

Excelite Telescopic Pool Enclosure

3. Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure R & D

Installing swimming pool enclosures come with a lot of challenges.

One of them being, choosing the right materials or designs for an application.

telescopic pool enclosure

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

Through our R & D, we do analyze all the technical aspects of telescopic swimming pool enclosures.

This aims to optimize an enclosure for a specific environment.

For instance, it could be a snow prone area or extremely cold environment.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

It is not a trial and error process.

All decisions here are based on facts and not assumptions.

As you might have realized, all our telescopic swimming pool enclosures are constructed from solid polycarbonate sheets and not hollow polycarbonate sheets.

pool enclosure kits

We are also specific to the 8mm thickness for all our pool enclosures.

It doesn’t matter how complex the pool enclosure you have in mind is, our R&D team will provide you with a viable solution for this problem.

We trust our R&D team and it is the reason we confidently offer a 15 year warranty.

4. We Use Tested and Approved Premium Materials

Quality is an important aspect that we give a high priority.

It is for this reason that we invest in testing equipment we use to optimize construction materials for your unique environment.

Only quality telescopic pool enclosures will give you a peace of mind in everything you do.

Telescopic swimming pool enclosure

Kids having fun in a swimming pool with an enclosure

All extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheets are tested to meet required industry standards.

We also work closely with independent laboratories.

With these tests, we can easily optimize the performance of both extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheets.

Thus, they will guarantee high resistance to adverse climatic conditions.

patio enclosure

A dome enclosure has collapsed due to bad weather

5. You Are Always Guaranteed of Safety

The swimming pool safety rules requires that any water body within a commercial or residential property should have telescopic pool enclosures or pool fence.

This is to avoid swimming pool accidents (drowning), which is one of the leading causes of deaths among kids below the age of 10 years.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures

A child falls in a swimming pool without an enclosure

For any swimming pool safety program to be successful, you need to choose an equipment manufactured from quality materials.

It must pass all the test standards and manufactured by a reputable company.

Without this, then all your efforts will be futile.

You can trust our telescopic pool enclosures when it comes to this – you will get the best from qualified technicians.

Pool enclosure Model B


We strive to manufacture quality telescopic pool enclosures.

This is actually the main reason why we put more emphasis on quality design, testing, innovation and safety.

With all these, our pool enclosures will definitely meet the required performance criteria.