Keeping polycarbonate sheet high quality is really the most important thing for us .But how we can always keep the high quality ?We are know that intrinsic properties is easily turning yellow when exposure the blazing sun for a time.When the sheet turning yellow, it became not pretty any more.

We have to do something to avoid these problems .

  1. we use 100% new raw material from SABIC or Bayer only;
  2. we coat the uv absorber(LG, from Korea) at the sheet for 50µm;
  3. we have the Zeiss microscope tests ultraviolet light which can accurately measure the thickness of UV layer;
  4. we have the QUV machine to do the aging test.

All of these makes our polycarbonate sheet strong, safe, and sustainable option for construction needs.

Below is the New Equipment we have introduced:

ZEISS uv microscope

German ZEISS microscope is currently the world’s most advanced microscope. Had the high quality images and excellent resolution and color fidelity, with the help of it, the engineer can handy to test with thickness of uv of the polycarbonate sheet’s surface. Make our work more delicate.



The most widely used aging instrument in the world, uv light in outdoor light will cause exposure polycarbonate sheet. QUV machine uv fluorescent lamp can simulate the key of short-wave ultraviolet ray, truly reproduce the damage caused by sunshine physical performance.


Light transmittance/Haze test:     

It can measure the degree of transparent or translucent material, is clear or cloudy.



Measuring instrument used in colorimetric analysis to determine the quantity of a substance from the color it yields with specific reagents.


MFR tester

Test the raw material