5Nov-3rd, 2014, Excelite Plastic Co., Ltd exporting department, KPI of polycarbonate and acrylic sheet RFQ quantity, Ice Bucket Challenge

It is true that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as a charitable activity went viral on social media from June 2014. Many people including celebrities participated and enjoyed the challenge. It does not only show people’s care about charity, but also a good opportunity to show their courage.


Excelite Plastic Co., Ltd, as a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate and acrylic sheet with fabrication capability, is engaging in providing excellent life by supporting greenhouse, roofing, decoration, sign and signage, lighting, sound barrier, and more. It is our responsibility to support charity by supporting our exporting department business growth.


November, as the beginning month or winter season in China, people fill chill already. However, as a young team consists of young dreamers, would like to challenge ourselves by Ice Bucket. It is a positive way to encourage our Suzhou team which lost on the KPI competition with Shanghai team. Go ahead! Suzhou team, Go ahead! Excelite!