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Excelite, which is one of the leading and the most innovative polycarbonate (PC) manufacturing company in Asia has just expanded their resin portfolio by introducing a new polycarbonate sheet. The softlite polycarbonate corrugated sheet is a unique sheet which blends together all the desirable qualities of corrugated and embossed polycarbonate sheets. This technology is a major milestone in the construction industry. This will be part of their broadest range of their world class polycarbonates and acrylic sheets. This was a response to the escalating demand for products which feature better qualities such as reduced light transmission, improved impact strength, flexibility, etc. Of course, Excelite is the first company to introduce such a product in the market.

Like other PC sheets; softlite polycarbonate corrugated sheets are also used to make quite a number of items in both domestic and industrial applications. Ideally, these PC sheets have been designed for:


Roofing applications; they can be used to make sunshade building or as roofing light sheets. This is because the embossed and textured properties can reduce light transmission by 50% while increasing the service life. This ensures that there is enough light while heat is reduced significantly. They are used in industrial roofing and glazing. In the agricultural sector, this PC sheet is used to construct greenhouses and botanical gardens since the burning effect is minimized by the structural design of the PC sheet. Moreover, they are also used to make swimming pool walls. Generally, they are a perfect substitute to the traditional polycarbonate sheets.


softlight application


What differentiates softlite polycarbonate corrugated sheet from other PC sheet which are available in the market?

When you are going about your errands to get a PC sheet for an application, you need to consider the following key factors: light transmission capability, heat insulation, cost of installation, resistance to impact, commercial value, etc. These are some of the key features that Excelite has improved on in their new product.

For since, softlite polycarbonate corrugated sheet has a high impact resistance that both hollow and solid PC sheets; its commercial value is considered to the best among and it is easier to install this product than the solid and hollow PC sheets. In addition to this, Excelite’s new product reduces the labor costs significantly. This because the installation process is simpler as compared to other PC products which are available in the market. These have been some of the main reasons why these products guarantee quite a number of benefits such as:

Impact resistance; this one key feature which is most sought by engineers when they are choosing a product to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. This sheet has been formulated to withstand the highest level of impact than other PC products available in the market. Corrugating and embossing the surface of these PC sheets play a major role when it comes to this alongside the inherent properties of PC resin.

Easier installation process; the fact that Excelite sells these sheets in 50 meter rolls with a thickness of between 1mm and 3mm simplifies the installation process. This is because this polycarbonate sheet can cover a larger area without necessarily doing laps which is a tedious process. The bottom line is that if you opt for softlite polycarbonate sheet them you will require less framework. You do not need to change the initial structure your design; it can fir on the existing structures.

Care and maintenance; cleaning polycarbonate sheets has been one of the most challenging task for quite a number of people. You need quite a number of cleaning agents which are also expensive. This new product from Excelite is “self-cleaning”. This implies that, even the rain water is enough to keep this PC sheet clean.




Anti-static property; it is an essential property in applications where static charges should be eliminated such as in most electronic devices. In addition to this, they are UV protected since polycarbonate sheets are vulnerable to UV.

Easy transportation; this sheet can occupy a small amount of space making transportation easier and cheaper.

Bending radius; you can bend the softlite polycarbonate sheet easily. Its bending radius is smaller than that of a hollow polycarbonate sheet sheet.

Light and heat transmission; these sheets can transmit about 58% of light. This implies that heat energy is reduced significantly while the amount of light passing through the PC sheet sheet sufficient.

Therefore, you have no reason why you should purchase inferior PC sheet sheets yet, using soflite will reduce the installation costs. Of course, there are quite a number of companies which sell and manufacture PC sheets, however; Excelite has proved to be the best company.

Softlite sheets can be specified based on the following: the width of the PC sheet which are available in 1080 mm and 1260mm; maximum length which is 50m; thickness which vary between 1mm and 3mm; grooves can be classified as either type 24 or 28 and color which include clear, yellow, red, green, blue and bronze. You will get all these products from Excelite’s online stores. You can download this sheet’s catalogue where you will get all the intricate details about various specifications of this sheet. If you’re certain that you can’t make an informed decision concerning various polycarbonates, you should consult Excelites customer care center. They are experts in the polycarbonate manufacturing industry.

Normally, a product which is taken through a series of manufacturing process is not always 100%. For instance, when it comes to rigidity; then going for a PC hollow sheets. On the other hand, in most applications where light is required in large quantity; going for PC solid sheet.

The polycarbonate manufacturing industry has been doing well in the recent past and it is only those companies with productive and innovative ideas that are capable of advancing. Excelite’s new product has superior features and are all tested to meet the required requirements. You can only maximize on the profits by using quality products such softlite polycarbonate corrugated sheet.


softlite polycarbonate corrugated sheet.