We install screen pool enclosures not only to increase swimming time throughout all seasons, but also, to improve on efficiency and reliability.

standard swimming pool enclosure

Excelite, being a premier swimming pool enclosure manufacturer, has introduced new products that feature new technology and exemplary performance.

These range from a wide range of enclosure designs and choice of construction materials.

So, why are Excelite swimming pool enclosures considered a perfect choice for all seasons?

Get Entertained as You Swimming 24 Hours a Day for More Than 25 Years

No matter the condition of the weather, you will be sure to enjoy using the swimming pool during both winter and summer.

When the outdoor conditions are favorable (moderate sunlight), simply retract the enclosure.

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A retractable swimming pool enclosure – opens and close at your convenience

The screen enclosure constructed using extruded aluminum, which is both durable and offer a wide range of customization options.

Your cover will slide seamless on the rail tracking systems.

Screen Pool Enclosures Reduces Swimming Pool Water Heating, Evaporation and Chemical Cost

No one wishes to be in a financial crisis.

That is, in ability to pay for the swimming pool operational costs.

Well, most people ignore to consider these costs only to realize that it is too expensive.

I have seen quite a number of people abandon their swimming pools.

pool enclosure cost and plan

Calculate your swimming pool cost of operation in advance

You should learn swimming pool temperature management tips.

On average, the temperature should range between 78ºF and 82ºF.

When it goes below this, you may be forced to heat swimming pool water.

On average, increasing swimming pool water by 1 degree will increase energy costs by about 10% to 30%.

But, did you know can reduce these costs?

Well, Excelite screen pool enclosures are mainly constructed from solid polycarbonate sheets.

Polycarbonate has better insulation properties.

It is for this reason that polycarbonate sheets are better than glass in any glazing application.

As a result, no heat will be lost through the three modes of heat transmission.

That is:

Three modes of heat transfer

How pool heat can be lost from a swimming pool water

  1. Convention – no air movement between the enclosed environment and external environment.
  2. Conduction – there is no heat transfer via mobile electrons. Heat energy will remain within the pool
  3. Radiation – polycarbonate sheet does not emit heat since it is a pool conductor of heat.

In short, all heat will remain within the swimming pool, thus, water will be warm all the time.

According to CDC, the recommend swimming pool pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8.

Remember, above pH 7, water is considered basic and below pH 7, it is considered acidic.

The extreme ends will make swimmers uncomfortable.

pool chemical cost - screen pool enclosures

Balancing swimming pool water pH

But, what causes all these?

The UV radiation degrades swimming pool chemicals.

Generally, chlorine that is used in swimming pools is susceptible to UV radiation from the sun.

Swimming pool water exposed to these radiations will require treating within a short period of time.

Moreover, you will be required to inspect swimming pool water more frequently.

As a pool enclosure manufacturer, Excelite uses polycarbonate sheet coextruded with anti-UV ingredients.

This filters out all the dangerous UV radiations.

Thus, swimming pool chemicals won’t be decomposed easily.

This will save on chemical costs.

UV Coating - screen pool enclosures

How anti-UV blocks harmful radiations from the sun

This will also protect your family from sunburns.

At times, this could result in different health complications that may require you to treat.

Cost of water varies depending on your location.

Normally, you will be forced to refill the pool when water is lost via evaporation.

The cost could be between $1 and $1.5 per 1, 000 gallons of water.

A screen pool enclosure will reduce the effects of all factors influencing the rate of water evaporation.

These include:

The Surface Area Exposed to The External Environment

In this case, the entire swimming pool surface will be covered by an enclosure.

When a large surface area is exposed to the external environment, the rate of evaporation will be higher.

Fluctuation in Environmental Factors

A screen pool enclosure completely isolates water surface from external environment.

Normally, key environmental conditions that affect the rate of water evaporation include:

  1. Water concentration within the external environment.
  2. Rate of air flow – wind
  3. Pressure
  4. Variation in temperature.
evaporation of swimming pool - screen pool enclosures

Water evaporates from swimming pool

Ideally, swimming screen pool enclosures will reduce chances of water evaporation.

In case it does occur, water will condense on the screen enclosure surface and return to the pool.

In short, installing swimming pool cost will reduce cost of operating a swimming pool.

You are Always Safe and Your Privacy is Guaranteed

You retractable screen enclosure guarantees ultimate security at all time.

This is because it comes with a door locking mechanism.

screen pool enclosures

Lock you swimming pool enclosure after use

Lock you pool whenever you will be traveling. This will prevent:

  • Inexperienced people from using your pool.
  • Animals from falling in the water
  • Children from accessing the pool

This gives you a peace of mind since you won’t be worrying about pool accidents.

Again, you can decide to customize the screen pool enclosures to meet your privacy concerns.

That is, you can tint it with a color of your choice.

In the recent past, privacy screen for pool enclosure have become a perfect choice for most swimming pool enthusiasts.

Tinted Polycarbonate Panels

Tinted polycarbonate sheets to meet your privacy concerns

Privacy is important, especially for those pools with added functionalities such as: a place for dinner or hosting parties.

Faster Installation of Excelite Screen Pool Enclosures

Vital sections come when they are already pre-assembled.

This makes the installation process much easier.

You may also use the company’s Ultimate Guide to Pool Enclosure Installation.

swimming pool enclosure drawing - screen pool enclosures

Sectional drawing of pool enclosure

You don’t need to turn your environment into a building site.

Within a two days, you shall have finished the installation process if you hire a professional technician.

The process is fast, effective and simple.

Reduces Maintenance Cost by Over 90%

No more dirt, plat leaves or ants on your swimming pool surface.

Excelite is a pool enclosure manufacturer that supplier equipment that saves both time and money.

You don’t have to employ swimming pool technicians to:

  1. Check water pH – it reduces operational costs.
  2. Clean swimming pool water – removing bugs, insects, grass or leaves from water surfaces is both expensive and tiresome.
  3. Employ security personnel – guard your pool whenever you are away.

Generally, you will have all the time to enjoy using your swimming pool.

Purchase any these screen enclosures once, install and forget about the unnecessary costs that comes thereafter.

Quality Materials And Design Structure

Right now, no one goes to glass screen pool enclosures.

It is due to its inferior properties.

The choice of materials is a crucial aspect here.

Excelite sells polycarbonate pool enclosures with extruded aluminum frames.

Polycarbonate and aluminum properties are superior as compared to other products used in this industry.

Ideally, such screen pool enclosures can withstand high winds rated 230km/hr.

They can also withstand heavy snow loading – 900kg distributed within a 1.5m radius.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

The company also uses unique pool enclosure roofing designs.

Thus, such screen enclosures are attractive and eye catching.

A unique design features anti-dust sealer and vinyl sweep.

All these prevent mold, algae and dust from entering the screen pool enclosure.


Generally, as a pool enclosure manufacturer, Excelite strived to ensure this equipment is reliable, cost effective and durable.

This makes it a perfect choice for both winter and summer seasons.

All these are possible through various innovative solutions the company had adopted.