save cost on a swimming pool enclosure

Well, we live in a free market where companies can have their unique price tags on pool enclosure products.

This depends on their targeted ROI. I don’t dispute this fact, after all every company has its unique business model.

This is quite evident in the swimming pool enclosure industry.

Every company strives to have the best products.

For a fact, it is important to have following key aspects in mind – quality, price competitiveness, reliability and performance.

A company that balances all these integral factors, will definitely have a fair share of the market.

excelite swimming pool enclosure

Basically, this explains why Excelite Plastics Ltd. has become one of the leading suppliers of fixed and retractable swimming pool enclosures in both Europe and North America.

A fact that other competitors such as IPC, do not want to accept.

Maybe, this will take even other competitors so long a time to come to terms with the reality.

As Angela Yang, the founder of Excelite Swimming Pool Enclosure, puts it – Welcome to our world of fair competition, quality manufacturing process, price competitiveness, reliability and efficiency.

All aiming to make things excellent.

retractable swimming pool enclosures model C

Through teamwork, Excelite Plastics Ltd. has managed to expand its international market (may be, it could be a reason why competitors feel threatened).

But, how has the company managed this?

Excelite Guarantees Significant Cost Saving – Over $10,000

As I indicated earlier, we talk of free market and fair competition.

I don’t see a reason for any squabble when a company decides to cut its prices by over 62.5% (from 8,000 to 2,999) to ensure every homeowner affords a swimming pool enclosure.

Enclosures for Outdoor Pools

Excelite reduces swimming pool enclosure prices by about 62.5%

This is a fact we cannot run away from, when you compare Excelite pool enclosures to IPC’s you will be shocked!

Well, go ahead and request for a quote from our competitors – Excelite’s $2,999 vs. IPC’s $20,000.

This is just an example.

What did you find out?

Feel free to share it with me.

So, you may begin to ask yourself this simple question:

What exactly brings about this price disparity of similar products?

They know it better.

I am sure, they will have so many reasons to justify this fact:

  • Chinese companies manufacture low quality swimming pool enclosures.
  • In China there are no so many rules, regulations and taxes.
  • Chinese companies copy competitors’ products, etc.

Let’s be professional here, and have the courage to speak the truth.

Can you explain these glaring information?

  1. Why the biggest American Companies now owned by the Chinese – as reported by The Furtune Magazine.
  2. Why US manufacturers are nixing the US for China – as reported by CNBC

As a matter of fact, in China, the cost of manufacturing pool enclosures is quite low.

This is actually the reason why our products are quite affordable than those manufactured in Europe or America.

In the recent past, a number of multinational corporations have been assembling their products in China.

For example, iPhones are assembled in China.

Isn’t this a high end product that everyone desires to have?

In short, the availability of labor and access to raw materials are some of the main reasons we sell our swimming pool enclosures at $2,999.

Moreover, importing pool enclosures from China is simple, easy and affordable.

Excelite uses the LCL shipping that costs between $500 and $1,000.

Still, when you add all these, it can get to over $10,000 (IPC price per pool enclosure).

The bottom line is, Excelite Plastics Ltd. has some of the best deals in the market.

Price vs. Quality of Excelite Swimming Pool Enclosures

Who came up with this idea that Chinese products are fake or substandard?

By the way, do they have any proof to support their allegations?

I am surprised!

Please, if by any chance you have come across a substandard swimming pool enclosure manufactured from China, you can share the information with me.

patio enclosure

An image of a dome pool enclosure that has collapsed

Excelite swimming pool enclosures are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

Both international and local standards.

In fact, pool enclosures are inspected before being sold in both European and North American markets.

Unless someone wants to blame the authorities concerned in those countries for their incompetence.

difference for excelite swimming pool enclosure

As a matter of fact, according to the data in the Excelite main factory, none of the customers has complained about quality.

All our customers are happy – they have the best at affordable prices.

Do you think a company can offer a 15-year warranty if their product is a substandard?

This can be ridiculous!

Remember, all our retractable and fixed pool enclosures come with a 15-year warranty for both polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods.

This is not that case for most of our competitors – IPC offers only 10-year warranty of aluminum arches.

swimming pool enclosure warranty

IPC team does not provide a 15 year warranty for aluminum rods. For Excelite, all pool enclosures come with a 15 year warranty

  • Moreover, all Excelite pool enclosures:
  • Wind rated to 230km/hr.
  • Withstand a 900kg distributed load in a 1.5m radius.
  • Offer excellent insulation.
  • Superior structural properties.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

So, where does the doubt about quality come from?

After all, all Excelite pool enclosure products are manufactured from solid polycarbonate sheets and not hollow polycarbonate sheets as most of our competitors.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

All arguments about low quality products are unsubstantiated and is only unprofessional marketing strategy.

The truth is, Excelite swimming pool enclosure products are available from $2,999 with a 15-year warranty.

With this, you will definitely save a reasonable amount of money – both initial cost of investment and in the long-term.

Excelite’s Has a Professional Technical Team

When you need a fixed or retractable swimming pool enclosure, your budget matters a lot.

Whether you need Excelite’s standard or customized designs for swimming pool enclosures.

importing swimming pool enclosure kits from China

Excelite pool enclosures are designed to fit any swimming pool irrespective of the size at a far much cheaper price

Our technical team will be there to assist throughout the entire process.

That is, from design work, fabrications to the actual installation of swimming enclosures.

All these aim to help our end users save a reasonable amount of money.


Excelite swimming pool enclosure products are of high quality and affordable.

This is a company that fulfills the promises it makes to the consumers.

Reducing prices and market expansion could be what most competitors are not happy with, but it is a promise Excelite made to its customers across the globe.

Remember, your comfort and happiness is what we strive to achieve at all times.