Polycarbonate are polymers which very superior physical and chemical properties.These have been some of the main reasons why they are popularly used in quite a number of industrial and domestic applications.

However,this does not imply that this material is 100% perfect.It has to be taken through series of manufacturing process to alter certain properties.


Intrinsically,polycarbonates turn yellow when exposed to UV radiation and this has been the main reason why all PC sheets which are used in most applications have a UV protection.

This is a similar scenario when it comes to the abrasion resistance. A pure PC sheet is susceptible to scratches and it is the main reason why hard coated polycarbonate sheet is highly recommended for all applications.


PC sheets must be treated with a hard-coated surface on both sides since it is the surest way of making these materials scratch and chemical resistant.

This guarantees a long lasting outdoor weathering performance.It is the abrasion-resistant PC or the hard coated polycarbonate sheets which are used in outdoor glazing applications.

It’s resistance to abrasion; alongside the inherent high impact property makes this material suitable for construction of freight doors, noise abatement shields, machine guards, etc.


One important feature of the hard coated polycarbonate sheets is that the sheets can be cleaned easily without any risks of damaging the surface of the material.(check how to clean polycarbonate sheet)

It extends the life of the equipment thereby saving costs in the long run.This has been one of the main reason why these materials are used in race car applications.


Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet


Different applications require the polycarbonate sheets to possess a certain degree of abrasion resistance since this is the only way you can be guaranteed of a competitive advantage.

There are a number of companies which offer a customized formulation which is determined by the abrasion resistance specifications which are desired.


Excelite sells the best hard coated polycarbonate sheets. Their treatment ensures that these materials remain resistant to abrasion for more than 10 years.

The process may involve the following key processes:


Coating the substrate

The desired coating is applied on the outer surface of the polycarbonate sheet which improves the functional properties of the PC material.


With the advancement in technology,thinner coating can achieve high degree of performance.During this process, some chemicals may penetrate the substrate making the coating to be strong and durable.



They are added in the raw material before the extrusion process begins. In this process,new properties penetrate the matrix of the material.It may involve molecular boding which makes the final product durable.

You can discuss this will Excelite’s staff since they will advise you on the best hard coated polycarbonate sheet to go for. Excelite has been in this industry for over ten our support team here .

Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet