Pc roofing sheet


Research has indicated that polycarbonate roofing sheets allow optimum amount of daylight thereby,reducing energy expenses during the day.

It is one technology which most architectural designers have learnt to embrace.This is quite evident with the increase in the number of skylights being constructed using this particular material.

Furthermore, it is also quite vivid that polycarbonate (PC) not only increases resource efficiency, but it is also eco-friendly.


Why are people resorting to these kinds of roofing mechanisms?


Ideally,the polycarbonate roofing sheets are manufactured from superior thermoplastic materials which give these roofing materials their desirable properties.

PCs are lighter than acrylic (which is a common plastic used in a number of applications) and glass.

Most structures which are constructed using PCs do not require much reinforcement since PC sheets are known for their lightweight.

The two main types of polycarbonate roofing sheets which are commonly used in construction work include the foam back and clear polycarbonate sheets.


polycarbonate roofing sheet corrugated sheet


Clear PC sheets

They are used to replace glass and acrylic.

Polycarbonate sheets are clear but can be tinted to different color for different applications.

They are popularly used in regions where natural light is required such as in greenhouses, patios and sun rooms. All these applications need the polycarbonate panels with a UV protection to protect the sheet from turning yellow.



Excelite has been incorporating modern technology in their products to improve the aesthetic value of these roofing materials.

Apart from the embossed and the plain polycarbonate roofing sheets, they can be manufactured as corrugated sheets. 

That is, they have groves and ridges pattern on their surface.This allows for proper drainage while increasing their mechanical strength.

To enhance thermal insulation, Excelite introduced the multi-wall polycarbonate roofing sheet.

They have air spaces in between the layers which trap air thereby,improving their thermal insulation properties.

In addition to these,these sheets have excellent fire performance properties.

They are self-extinguishing and do not give off toxic gases.


corrugated polycarbonate sheet and multi wall polycarbonate sheet



The twin wall PC sheets are treated on both sides which protect them from degradation. This degradation is as a result of ultraviolet light radiation.

This materials is virtually unbreakable, flexible and resistant to quite a number of environmental conditions and chemicals.

Still,most companies and research institutions believe that PC sheet can be improved to provide consumers with additional benefits.

A good example is the use of polycarbonate roofing sheet with various additives and tints. This makes the material to block glare without reducing the quality of light which comes from the panel.




There are other products such as the twin-wall polycarbonate sheets which have been filled with aerogel.

This improves the property of PC materials making them to have one of the best thermal insulation property,high light transmission,good load bearing ability and better weather resistance capability.

Of course,they have been designed to be used just the same way as the traditional PC.

Another product is the PC profiled extrusion.

They have a co-extruded layer of UV-stabilized protection with some microscopic particles incorporated within the layers.

This eliminates about 60% of the heat which has been radiated by the sun.NThis reduces the use of air conditioners which also saves on the cost of energy.

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