This has come as a surprise to many considering that, Excelite introduced the telescopic pool enclosure systems early this year. This was after the company had announced that they were going to introduce more end products.

Telescopic Pool Enclosure

Excelite has become a household name in the polycarbonate greenhouse construction. Seemingly, it will control a bigger percentage on the swimming pool products. It seems the company has lived by its slogan “Make things excellent”.

What makes telescopic pool enclosure the best product in the market?

 Flexibility and convenience

Since this product was introduced in the European Market, the company has received quite a number of orders.

The flexibility in their overall design has been a selling point. They are available in different shapes and finishes. The most common designs can retract back towards one end of the pool.

Flexibility and convenience of swimming pool

They feature either tilted or glazed openings. There are those with the bi-fold doors too. Of course, they are constructed using aluminum rods and polycarbonate sheets. The sheets are UV protected. These products come with 10+ years warranty period.

GP polycarbonate solid sheet

You can request for a custom designed telescopic pool enclosure system. The company has a team of designers. They’ll help you throughout the entire process.

Region specific

Excelite does not produce general products for all regions. The company produces the pool enclosures specifically for certain regions.

That is, there those designs for the warmer climatic regions such as Spain and the southern part of France. The first consignment to be delivered this week was optimized for the United Kingdom’s climatic conditions.

 Specialized design criteria

This is based on the market research the company conducts before supplying their products. They are able to tailor products for specific weather or climatic conditions.

That is, all telescopic pool enclosures to be installed in windy or areas susceptible to storms must be installed with anti-storm fixing.


A wide variety to choose from

Consumers can choose from the wide range of pool enclosures systems available in their stores. They come in different heights and widths. They have different door designs amongst other features.

In addition to these, the enclosures are easier to open and close. You can use the switch to control the size of opening you require.

The good thing with these telescopic pool enclosure systems is that they can be modified in case there is need. However, you should use only those accessories recommended and approved by Excelite. This is important to ensure that the warranty remains valid.

pump used for swimming pool

Those with sliding doors are fitted with child lock and the sliding sections locked to provide secure sealing. This ensures that no unauthorized persons get in the swimming pool area.

In short, these products are unique and they have been designed to meet the specific requirements of the end user.

As much as these pool enclosures are manufactured from quality materials, adopting the recommended installation and maintenance procedure is prudent. For instance, the assembly process can be challenging.

assembly process

For example, you need to note the direction of wind, especially for some designs. This will ensure that the telescopic pool enclosure is not subjected too much force exerted to it by the wind.

As much as the aluminum rods are resistant to rust, at it is advisable to apply a silicon coating between the materials during the assembly process.

aluminum for swimming pool cover

It is these reasons that Excelite Plastics Ltd. insist on assigning one of their technicians to assist customers during the process. If you have to go for the DIY process, then be sure to follow all the instructions as indicated on the product data sheet.

DIY a swimming pool enclosure

Commanding a larger section of the market is not easy, especially during the first year of production. Excelite has managed achieved this through quality products retiling at affordable prices.

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