Design is an important part of any construction and manufacturing process.

A number of companies depend on unique and customized designs to brand their products.

It is an integral factor when it comes to product differentiation too.

Telescopic Pool Enclosures Design

In the year 2015, Excelite’s Telescopic pool enclosure designs have been voted the best in Asia and Europe.

Reason, quality and competitive prices.

All the new telescopic pool designs feature a lot of creativity from their design team.

There are a number of key features consumers from Europe, China, Australia and America among other countries have highlighted about these products.

These features include:

  1. Track or Trackless Designs

Apparently, all companies have been producing swimming pool enclosures that use tracks or rails.

Of course, this has been trending.

Excelite has been investing in the telescopic enclosures that require tracks and those that do not require tracks.

It is upon the end user to choose one that suits him or her best.

This has been a key selling point for this company.

pool enclosures that use tracks or rails

Most companies resort to the use of tracks because their enclosures are not strong enough to operate without them.

For Excelite, the swimming pool enclosures are manufactured from the superior aluminum alloys.

They are strong enough to glide smoothly over the swimming pool deck.

Aluminum Enclosure In Swimming Construction

The company has managed to patent cost effective guiding systems for all their trackless telescopic pool enclosures designs.

They have been designed such that the enclosure can operate smoothly.

They are the first company in China to invest in this innovation.

  1. Material Selection

All the 2015 telescopic swimming pool enclosure designs from Excelite Plastics Ltd. can be distinguished by a unique materials selection.

A number of companies in this industry use glass that distort and prone to scratches.

They are not strong and it is the main reason why they cannot afford a warranty of over 10 years.

This company uses a combination of multi-wall polycarbonate glazing materials and an alloy of aluminum rods.

This makes their telescopic pool enclosures to remain compact with maximum strength at all times.

They have different pool enclosure profiles that are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Multiwall polycaronate sheet

The aluminum alloys are given different treatments depending on the requirements of the end user.

This makes the swimming pool enclosure not only appealing from outside, but also from its interior.

  1. Uniqueness

The installed swimming pool enclosure has attractive lines that are clean.

They have a seamless appearance and hardly will you notice either rivets or screws on the surface of an already installed swimming pool.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

This is one key area a number of companies have failed.

  1. Innovation

This is one of the main reasons why the telescopic pool enclosure design became a top brand in 2015.

In simple terms, this is one of the “easy to live with swimming pool enclosure”.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Their new gliding technology allows the enclosure to open and close smoothly.

You don’t need to worry about any of the sections blocking the other.

They are designed with spring-mounted casters.

This basically compensates for any unevenness that may occur on the ground.

The enclosure has a magnet used to lock various sections of the swimming pool automatically.

standard swimming pool enclosure

This has been integrated with other ground fixing. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the locking system.

  1. Maintenance

No matter how robust or high quality a telescopic swimming pool enclosure could be, at some point, it may experience some problems, thus you have to maintain it.

Excelite Plastics Ltd. avails all the necessary information that their end users may require to maintain and repair their telescopic swimming pool enclosures.

When you purchase this product, you’ll get a manual that can guide you through the repair and maintenance process.

Flexibility and convenience of swimming pool

The profiles of the Excelite’s telescopic pool enclosures design has been assembled in such a way that, in case of maintenance, the users can assess all parts effortlessly.

You can go about the process without doing major dismantling that may interfere with the key components of the swimming pool enclosure.

In case, you find it difficult to fix the problem, it’s advisable to contact their technical team.

  1. Testing & Quality Assurance

The company has their own testing laboratories where they verify the quality of all the components used in the construction process.

All swimming pool enclosures must meet the regulations and requirements of the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC).

There are products are also tested by SGS group.


This has been the main reason why Excelite Plastics Ltd. confidently offer 15yrs warranty.

All these materials and components are tested, be it the locking or the gliding system.

The test is mainly designed to verify if the materials can withstand the swimming pool environment.

They are also tested based on the location where the structure should be used.

The multi-wall polycarbonate telescopic pool enclosures designs are UV stabilized on the two surfaces.

It’s yet, another factor that differentiates Excelite’s products from other products available in the market.

The surface never discolors, it can maintain its original color for over 10 years.

  1. Variety

Originality is key in all the products designed by Excelite.

If you need a unique swimming pool enclosure, then they can provide a perfect solution.

They have a wide range of polycarbonate and aluminum profiles that can suit all your requirements.

It’s upon you to choose the right tint and thickness of your choice.

How to Install the Aluminum Polycarbonate Profiles


In the swimming pool enclosure industry of China, it’s only Excelite that meets all the above seven criteria.

They know what their customers want.

When you procure this equipment from this company, they will also offer the after sales services such as installation and maintenance.

All these swimming pool enclosures are installed by the trained fitters.

The company does not subcontract.

The company has designed and constructed a number of swimming pool enclosures in Asia, Australia and Europe, among other countries.

For more information about the products, you can contact the sales team.