The hard coated polycarbonate sheets are known for their excellent impact and abrasion resistance with good optical clarity which make them suitable for most applications.

The unlimited design flexibility reduces the secondary costs significantly. These sheets have been designed specifically with an enhanced strength for abrasion resistance.





All polycarbonate products in this category have an increased surface hardness which is about 2 to 3 times stronger than the ordinary polycarbonate solid sheets.

They are used in the construction of aircraft windows, motorcycle glazing, dust covers, safety shield, bullet proof panels, anti-ballistic panels, hurricane barricades, doors etc.


Anti fog face shield


In addition to the overall hardness, the hard coated polycarbonate sheets get an extra protection from chemicals and other environmental factors which may cause weathering and degradation.

The coating is formulated in such a way that it can remain intact for a very long period of time while still offering an optimal performance.

This has one of the main reasons why most polycarbonate sheet suppliers offer more than 10 year warranty.




These coatings can be in the form of: additives which are added to the raw material before the extrusion process begins.

tinting material



Alternatively, a coating substrate can be applied on the surface of an already extruded polycarbonate sheet thereby improving its functional properties.


The coating substrates are clear and non-yellowing thus, allowing for the maximum amount of light and heat to penetrate through the hard coated polycarbonate sheet.

The coating is applied on the polycarbonate sheets by spray, flow or dip coating. This coating does not alter the desirable features of PC products, but they make them more versatile by protecting the material from scratch.


GP polycarbonate solid sheet




Fundamentally, the polycarbonates are vulnerable to scratches which reduces the degree of light penetration while making the sheet to have a boring look.

Normally, these sheets are coated on both sides.


hard coated polycarbonate sheet


The use of any type of hard coating substrate will be determined by the expected operational stresses which may vary from one application to the other chemical exposure, especially in chemical manufacturing industries,and the  temperature levels and impact just to mention a few.

On the other hand, there are the general hard coated polycarbonate sheets which can be used for virtually all applications.

Going for a customized hard coating can be a better alternative if you are certain that the sheet will be used for only that application.

Before the coating process begins, the PC sheet and the coated substrate are taken through a compatibility test to ensure that the coating substrate and the polycarbonate sheets are compatible.



coating process



This is one of the main reasons why you should opt for a company with a testing facility. These products are tested both in the lab and through practical experiments.

The hard coating does not imply that this product may not require any form of care and maintenance.

All customers must review the material safety data sheet to be able to handle the polycarbonate sheet as required.

In fact, during the cleaning process, only the recommended cleaning agents should be used since some tend to react with the substrate which have been used to coat the PC sheet.