China is a manufacturing hub for pool enclosures sold in both America and Europe.

This implies, product resellers, distributors, OEM and ODM business import all swimming pools enclosures from China.

The process involves a series of logistics that affect the pool enclosure prices either directly or indirectly.

Some of the key variable to consider when importing these products from Chinese factories include:

1. The Shipping Cost from China

The shipping cost is one of the integral factors any business involved in importing swimming pool enclosures from China will consider first.

Irrespective of the distance, say from China to North America (about 11.491 km) or China to Europe (about 7,219 km); the Chinese companies have put measures in place to reduce shipping costs.

pool enclosure cost saving

You will reduce shipping costs significantly with the LCL. Pay between $500 and $1000 to your door step

A number of Chinese factories have adopted Less Container Load (LCL). This reduces the shipping cost to a manageable range of $500 to $1,000.

The good thing is, these companies will always ship to your door step.

Therefore, the pool enclosure prices are quite affordable – there are no cartage costs.

2. Consider Material Used to Make Pool Enclosure

Swimming pool enclosures are manufactured from a wide range of materials.

The pool enclosure prices imported from China will mainly depend on the cost of raw materials in China.

So far, aluminum and polycarbonate sheets are the major materials used to construct swimming pool enclosures.

Normally, the best way to know the cost of polycarbonate sheet or aluminum rods is to contact the manufacturing company.

Aluminum material

Aluminum is a perfect choice for swimming pool structure

In the recent past, the Chinese government has put measure to improve industrial growth.

This involved a number of economic stimulus and encourage exportation. Good examples are:

Cost of Aluminum Rods

China is the leading producer of aluminum.

Aluminum products from China accounts for almost half the world’s demand.

pool enclosure frame

Aluminum rods are perfect choice for swimming pool enclosures.

In April 2015, the Chinese Government removed taxes on aluminum products.

This aimed to increase exports and reduce domestic oversupply.

This has even reduced the cost of aluminum rods, which is a key material used in swimming pool enclosure construction.

The end users can now benefit from this low cost.

Thus, a low cost of swimming pool enclosures.

Polycarbonate Sheets

China has increased its polycarbonate production efforts.

At the moment, Asia accounts for about 60% world’s total demand for polycarbonate.

China alone constitutes 50% of this according to Bayer MaterialScience.

swimming pool covers

Polycarbonate sheet is a perfect materials used to make swimming pool enclosures.

Since 2015, the cost of polycarbonate sheets has reduced significantly, making it affordable for most swimming pool enclosure construction companies.

On average, polycarbonate sheet costs about $10 per square meter.

It is for this reason that polycarbonate enclosures prices imported from China mostly range between $2,000 and $8,000.

3.Government Import And Export Taxes

To promote trade, the Chinese government has reduced most if its import/export taxes to nearly 0%.

A good example is aluminum rods, where export taxes were reduced early last year.

Even if your government (for importing company or business) imposes some taxes, it is slightly low since most taxes are around 5%.

However, there are those countries where import taxes are almost 0% such as Austria.

4.China Offers an Affordable, Thus, Reducing Production Costs

Cost of labor has a positive impact on pool enclosure prices imported from China.

According to World Bank’s Labor Report, China has the largest workforce.

It is also affordable to produce in China due to slightly lower wage than in Europe or America.

It cuts the price of the final product by almost half the market price.


In short, these are the main 4 factors that may affect the pool enclosure price imported from China.

To enjoy some of these benefits, it is important that one gets a reputable, reliable and transparent swimming pool enclosure manufacturing company.