Greenhouses have become some of the most important household equipment in the recent past.

With a greenhouse,you will be able to enjoy some of your favorite fruits and vegetable from your own backyard.The polycarbonate greenhouses have become some of the growing businesses with a number of companies joining the industry to sell polycarbonate greenhouse kits.

From these shops, you can get a wide range of equipment which suit your budget and requirements.These kits vary in sizes,designs and shapes.

You need to buy these products from a reputable company which has been in the industry for  some time since this is a sure way of getting quality products.

In fact some companies can also take you through the installation process which is one of the most challenging part.


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A good greenhouse should be convenient,affordable,easy to maintain and assemble. With the advancement in technology in the agricultural industry,there are certain heating and cooling systems which have been designed to farmers achieve certain growing needs.

All these can also come as one package. A polycarbonate greenhouse kit comes with detailed instruction on how to go about this process.

Polycarbonate greenhouses have been increasing in the recent past as opposed to other types of greenhouses which have been constructed from either glass or plastic film.

This has been due to the wide range of benefits which the polycarbonate materials comes with.

Some of these benefits include: thermal efficiency where R=1.54 for a twin wall polycarbonate sheet whose thickness is about 6mm; longer service life since they can last for over 10 years without losing any of the essential qualities such being resistant to impact and light transmission; its ability to attain the desired diffused light requirements which can prevent burning, etc. Polycarbonates are strong since they can withstand wind moving at high speed, fluctuating environmental temperature and heavy snow.





Of course,this may seem to be a very challenging process especially if you have to choose the polycarbonate greenhouse kits for the very first time.

You should be able to describe the kind of environment you would wish to install the greenhouse and the type of crops you would wish to plant. By purchasing this vital equipment for an experienced dealer,you will be able to get one which suite your needs.

A number of companies have been trying to design polycarbonate greenhouse kits which meet the highest engineering standards since it is the only surest way to optimize their performance.

In fact,the designers go about their design process with the gardener who will be using the product in their mind. Some have been incorporated with equipment such as an automatic vent opener amongst other factors.

Factor to consider when buying polycarbonate greenhouse kits


polycarbonate greenhouse panels



Here are some of the most important factors you need to consider when you are planning to purchase these kits:


A good greenhouse should be able to withstand very strong wind and the heaviest snow possible.

It should be a versatile and durable greenhouse with at least 6mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet.If possible,you need to acquire these kits from a company which is well conversant with the area where you would wish to install the greenhouse since they will tailor the greenhouse to meet your standards.


How can you tell that the kit you are just about to buy is of good quality?

Buy those products which come with a warranty.The longer the warranty period,the better.Since it will be a clear indication that the company itself has confidence on their products.

That is it won’t make sense for a company to offer a warranty period of 10 years yet, their products can only last for less than 5 years.

The best way to go about this is to buy these products from a company which has been in this industry for quite some time; at least two years in the industry.


Size of the greenhouse

You can go for a greenhouse with an extra width since you will get enough space for larger benches or those with taller sidewalls since you will get more space to hang your baskets.

Generally, a greenhouse which can give you an additional space will be a better option.

Energy efficient

The polycarbonate greenhouse kits are more energy efficient than the plastic film and pane glass greenhouses.

In fact,research which has been conducted in the recent past indicate that one can save up to 50% of energy.For the case of twin wall glazing polycarbonate greenhouse,they can diffuse light thus preventing crops from burning.

In addition to this, they also come with adjustable screen glasses which allow for air circulation.

Apart from these, some greenhouses can be fitted with solar powered vents which control the opening and closing of vents.


This is an important procedure which most people tend to ignore.

A greenhouse needs a complete maintenance every year.This involves washing the polycarbonate sheet both in and out with a soft cloth.

You must remember that polycarbonate materials can easily get scratches despite the fact that they are coated with a scratch resistant coating.

There are quite a number of cleaning solutions which the dealer will recommend to you.You should note that there are those cleaning detergents which will damage you polycarbonate greenhouse.


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Where are you planning to install this important equipment?

As much as the polycarbonate sheet is such a strong material,if you do not take of it then most definitely its life span will reduce significantly.

You should construct it in a secure firm and on a level surface,and must inspect the site to be sure that it will be able to support the structure.In most cases,it is advisable that you choose a site which has a proper water drainage system.

In case you are planning to plant either summer or autumn crops,then you have to install your greenhouse in the north-south direction.On the other hand,for winter and early spring crops,you will have to install the greenhouse facing east-west direction.

You must have a reason as to why you have to install your greenhouse facing a particular direction or on a specific area.