Sliding doors are common equipment in most modern homes since they can expand a room’s natural view.

With the current innovations,polycarbonate panels for sliding doors come in different forms such as retractable screen and sliding doors.

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These polycarbonate  doors have been incorporated in other structures such as pool enclosures,sheds and greenhouses.

Polycarbonate sliding doors are available in multiple configurations.Some of the most common doors are constructed from textured polycarbonate panels such as prismatic,and matte sheets.

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Alternatively,clear polycarbonate panels are also used to construct sliding doors.Each sheet has its unique qualities.

That is,in case there is need for privacy,opting for embossed sheets will be a better option.In addition to this,when it comes to design.

These doors can slide either left or right while others may have pocket doors where the polycarbonate panel doors slide within the wall and can also be custom made to suit specific needs of customers.

There are a number of factors you need to consider while evaluating polycarbonate panels for sliding doors.Since doors should withstand high impact,be scratch resistant while still ensuring security.

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In addition to these,the aesthetic value of the door is also an important aspect to consider.These polycarbonate panels come in a wide range of tints.

These tints are also used by polycarbonate sheet manufacturers to regulate the amount of light transmission.

These are some of the reasons why polycarbonate sheet are used to construct sliding doors.





Traditionally,glass was mainly used for the construction of sliding doors,however,polycarbonates have apparently become the most popular materials due to the following reasons:


Superior physical qualities

Polycarbonates are inherently strong,thus,they can withstand impacts when someone bangs the door.This is unlike glass doors which can crack even when exposed to the slightest magnitude of impact.

Furthermore,they go through a series of process which are basically designed to improve the polycarbonate panels’ properties.

These include the UV protections which prevent degradation of the panel and anti-scratch treatment which keeps abrasion resistant.




This property has two main impacts:the freight cost is low as compared to that of glass since the freight cost is charged per unit weight.

Again,during the installation process,there will be no need for reinforcement to withstand its light weight.


Hard coating

A number of polycarbonate panels for sliding doors are treated with a hard coating on both sides.This treatment makes them both abrasion and chemical resistant.

It can withstand the harsh weather conditions which make it one of the best material which is used for construction of freight doors and machine guards.

Hard coated sheet


Ease and cost of maintenance

These materials reduce maintenance cost significantly since they rarely break.They have an easy to clean surface which does not require expensive cleaning agents.

Polycarbonate sheet for Sliding Doors


Purchasing polycarbonate panels for sliding doors from a reputable dealer is a sure way of acquiring quality products which have been manufactured using genuine raw materials.

All the desirable features of polycarbonate panels are due to the chemical bonding between various atoms,thus,any weakness can be detrimental.

If you just need one for your own home,you can search “polycarbonate sliding doors” on google,then you will see many online stores selling the sliding doors made of polycarbonate panels.

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